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Sep 4, 2009 09:31 AM

Best Tapas Bars in Valencia

NYC hound here. I am a New York-based food and wine writer soon going to Valencia. I'm looking for some really good, casual tapas bars located in the city. I've been to some brilliant places in Barcelona and Madrid and now it's time to discover Valencia! Ideally I like the kind of hole-in-the-wall joints that specialize in a certain food item. I leave late next week and would appreciate any insider tips.


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  1. Pam, you may have already seen this - I got some tips here from someone who lives there -

    I land in Valencia two weeks from tomorrow so if you find anything I must try, please post here!

    Have a great time -

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      Hi Shannon, I did see this. Thanks! I have those places on my list. I will post when I get back (around Sep 19th) and let you know if I come across anything else worth visiting.


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        Casa Montana is really great. I made a good discovery too : La Principal. It's away from the city center at C/ Polo Y Peyrolón 5. Almost everything we ordered there was really good. Especially the dried octopus. Have fun!

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          Thanks PamG for the quality rec on La Principal. We particularly enjoyed the Montaditos de Steak Tartar, and the Puntillas Salteadas con Alcachofa y Ajos Tiernos. Service, food, wine, ambiance, all very recommendable. It is a short trek from the center, but worth it, (100 eur for 3 people with wine & dessert). Not at all a typical cerveceria!

      2. Hi Pam - I really hope you enjoy your time in Valencia. The places that I've already posted here are ones that we have eaten at many times over the last 4 years and the quality/standard has remained high. Just thought I'd add one more:

        El Albero Andaluz Tapas Bar - on Calle Ciscar, 12 and corner of Conde Altea - this is another tapas bar that's always packed to the rafters - and is located in the upmarket area of Valencia. They serve really good Andaluz-style tapas. Some of my favourites are: cazon (little pieces of fried shark marinated in wine vinegar), tortitas de camarones - (little fried shrimp cakes), papas alinas (these are served cold - cooked potatoes with chopped parsley, onion, and vinegar - IMO better than patatas bravas). You can see some photos of the place here:

        Also Calle Conde Altea is a street full of restaurants and bars - and is quite lively on weekends...and is away from the more touristy Carmen area. My favourite cocktail bar is on Conde Altea - not too far from El Albero - and is called BARCODE. It is run by a couple of Italians and they make all of their cocktails with fresh fruit! I like their gin martini with rose petals and lychee fruit - and my husband likes to have a whiskey drink called the "boujis" with mint and ginger. But everything is exceptionally good. door to Barcode is a really nice restaurant called Kerala (also run by Italians but is more a mediterranean fusion - and really well done).

        That's all! Cheers!

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          Hi msmarabini, Thanks so much for all your great insider tips on this thread and others on chowhound. You seem to have your finger on the pulse of some good restaurants and bars in Valencia. Though I'm spoiled rotten for cocktails in NYC I am very tempted to check out BARCODE to see what sort of thing they are doing. I actually write about wine and cocktails so it would be interesting for me. I arrive in Valencia next week - if you spot an Indian girl with short hair and a tall white caucasian woman with curly hair - please be bold and say hello. I am thinking that we will hit at least 2-3 of the places you have suggested. I'm actually writing an article on Valencia so if you have any other thoughts you'd like to share please let me know. You can contact me through my website at - my email details are there.


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