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Sep 4, 2009 08:46 AM

Best Dinners in Berkshires

Many years after moving from Massachusetts, my spouse and I live in Virginia, but will be spending 3 nights in Lenox starting on Tuesday. Reading all the info on this site is helpful, but we'd appreciate it if anyone would care to give it one more go on advice re the following:

We're interested in opinions on the best dinner/dining experiences to be had in the area. We're open to all kinds of food, and we don't care whether the places are expensive or inexpensive, or what the ambiance is, and we're all set for breakfasts/lunches (B&B bkfst and very little lunch). We don't care whether recommendations are in Lenox, Great Barrington, Egremont, Pittsfield, Williamstown, etc.

We'd sincerely appreciate your lists - maybe your top 3. Many thanks,

Patrick and Dawn

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  1. My number 1.... Brix Wine Bar in Pittsfield. The food is expertly crafted, simple and oh soo delicious. They do not take reservations and I suggest going on any night but Sunday night. The head chef takes Sunday night off and, IMHO, she is the real talent in the kitchen. Their house pate is incredible. Last week it was rabbit and foie gras pate served with sharp dijon mustard, cornichons and baguette.

    #2- John Andrews in Egremont. Every time I have been to JAs the food has been stellar and the wine list has a great selection of American wine.

    #3- Old Inn on the Green in New Marlborough. Peter Platt, chef/owner, was once the head chef at Wheatleigh in Lenox, probably the most high end dining in the Berkshires. He cooks in the classic French style leaning to provincial. Also an outstanding wine selection.

    Enjoy your visit and please let us know where you end up going.

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      We spent the weekend in the Berkshires and had a great dinner at Brix Wine Bar in Pittsfield. We went on a Saturday night and only had a 15 minute or so wait. So, we enjoyed a flight of red wine at the bar. This helped us in choosing a dinner wine (Zinfandel). The cheese and cured meat platter appetizer was delicious. The country pate was great too. I don't like pate and she assured me that I would like this, and I did. We chose a salad that had blue cheese in it, and substituted goat cheese. It also had candied walnuts, apples and beets and was delicious. I had the chicken, which was very juicy, and my husband had the steak frites, which was also excellent. All in all an enjoyable and delicious meal. I highly recommend this restaurant and can't wait to return.

      Brix Wine Bar
      40 West St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

    2. I would concur about the food at John Andrews, although the service hasn't a been close to that level. My top 3 would be the Mill on the Floss in New Ashford, Flavours in the Econolodge in Lenox, and Rumplestiltskin's in the Village Inn in downtown Lenox. Consistently great food and service, decent sized portions, and reasonably priced.

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        I would DEFINITELY agree about Mill On The Floss, although I've never had a problem with the service at JAs.

      2. We don't get to visit the expensive restaurants very often, so here are the places where you'll get a great meal at a reasonable price.
        1. Ozzie's - Hinsdale, MA (breakfast , lunch, and dinner - closed Monday's - dinner served on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday)
        2. La Fogata - Pittsfield, MA (Latin American / Columbian - launch and dinner)
        3. Cafe Reva - Pittsfield, MA (gourmet breakfasts and lunch - you may have a wait, but it's well worth it)

        1. Agree with many of the suggestions above, but my favorite overall food/dining experience is Chez Nous in Lee. Run by a French husband/American wife team, I love it for the great food and romantic atmosphere in a lovely old house. Not the cheapest but won't break the bank, either...a special place!

          1. A must is So Co Creamery in Great Barrington. Amazing, delicious local ice cream. Also Baba Louie's for pizza in GB.