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Sep 4, 2009 08:41 AM

Friday Fun Question - Burger Toppings at Big Daddy's (or anywhere really...)

It's Friday before a long weekend, and I'm in a burger mood. Love Big Daddy's and will probably make it over there this weekend.

I like choosing my own burger combinations and since the place has so many options I'm looking for some creative inspiration.

The last two times I went I had a basic burger with avocado slices and smoked bacon (no cheese or condiments) and then more recently a Pimento Cheese with Jalapeno Bacon. Both were really good, but I need some new ideas.

What are some of your favorite burger topping combinations? Any really creative twists?

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  1. Assuming that you're talking about Big Daddy's Burger Bar in Charlotte, you've had the Sam I Am, right? It's hard for me to weigh in on other toppings, because I can't get past the perfection of that.

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    1. re: kathleen purvis

      Good call. The Sam I Am burger, is a burger with American cheese, fried egg, ham and pesto. Great flavors.

      1. re: kathleen purvis

        I have had the Sam I Am - delicious.

        I tend to work in rotations, so it will come back again. Looking for more to try...