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Sep 4, 2009 08:32 AM

Owen Sound Area Deliciousness

I'm heading to Sauble Beach for a little cottaging and I wanted to support some local farms on the way.

I'm interested in any suggestions about farms in the area of Sauble or Owen Sound that might sell meat/veg produce that is memorable and tasty. It's just a fun side project, but sure beats heading to the supermarket right off the bat


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  1. There is a farmers market in Downtown Owen Sound that has some nice stuff. That's on Saturday mornings.

    There is also a "100 Mile" market, it's a store downtown near the river that only sells stuff from the local area. The prices are reasonable and they have nice meats. It's all frozen meat though. They also do bread and produce.
    I think they are open Thurs-Sun, but am not 100% sure.

    1. While not exactly in Owen Sound, Ted's Range Road Diner is renowned in the area for being original and worth the 25-minute drive from town.

      Their website is here;

      1. If you are going on Saturday, Flesherton (which is on Hwy.10 about 40 klm. south ) has a great Farmers market. There's lots of local produce and baked goods. There also was a vendor selling Bison meat from their local farm, but I'm not sure if they are still there. Of course this all depends on what route you take to get to Owen Sound!!!!!!!!

        1. Here is the definitive resource for Grey & /Bruce county primary food producers:

          They also publish an extremely detailed road map of Grey/Bruce showing all their listings.

          All the recs given are good.

          If you are staying the week then you must attempt to get to the Keady (pronounced "Kay-Dee") Farmers Market. The crowds will have largely diminished after Labour Day. Keady is more properly a "fair" in the old European tradition. Keady is a tiny hamlet with a handful of buildings on a remote crossroads. A serious livestock aucton is held there every Tuesday, year-round. Vendors from across Southern Ontario descend on the place - over 400 of them on a good summer's day are out to get your buck. There are some really good bargains in the various flea markets for serious collectors and bargain hunters. There is serious food here amongst the chaff but you have to know what you're about. The Amish stalls are are amazing. If you do attend, your report is requested.

          I don't know where you're coming from WB, but there is a very slight time penalty heading south if you want to try a totally unique beef.

          Just off hwy 21, north of Kincardine, at the intersection of Sideroad 15 and The Northline is Johnston Creek Ranch. It is listed in both resources above.

          Murray Johnston has a herd of grass-fed, Texas Longhorns. There is virtually no fat on this beef - less than chicken. The beasts receive a minor handful or two of corn while finishing and after birth to maintain tone but that's it. No drugs or additives of any kind except after birth, and then sparingly. Very, very beef-tasty in spite of no marbling - exquisite.

          Saugeen First Nation has some excellent smoked fish at various outlets.

          1. If you take the highway 6 route, there is the 100 Mile Market on 6 in the middle of Arthur. Near Arthur there is the River's Edge goat dairy. If you watch on the highway, there are usually a couple of Mennonites with stands out for their market gardens between Arthur and Mount Forest. About 5 minutes east of Mount Forest on highway 89 is Frey`s Meats, a Mennonite owned butcher shop. A short (24 km from Mount Forest) detour on Wellington Road 7 will take you to Mapleton`s Organics where you can get farm made organic yogurt and ice cream. Ice cream flavours include cappucino, ginger and chai ice creams.
            Hope this helps