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Sep 4, 2009 08:25 AM

Indian - Sunday - Chole Puri anywhere?

I have been craving true chole puri for a very long time. Something true North Indian stuff that is served at local halwaiz on Sundays. Such a delight!

Please suggest me if there is such a place in Toronto.

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    1. re: chillihigh

      Thx for the reply.

      They dont have it on their menu! Its not "Chana Bhatura" I am asking for.

    2. You'll have to come to Mississauga, near hurontario and dundas there is a plazamall in it it's a food court there is a small place called Tabbaq. It's not the best ambiance.
      But it'll Jo the job. Go early before all the locals wake up about 10am, after itgets really crowded and unruly. It isn't the best chilly puri you'll eat but the best available.

      For best channa batura the best in the city is on torbram and steels called kwality sweets.
      Hands down for best.