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Sep 4, 2009 08:22 AM

Montreal to Toronto, looking for good food palces

Hi Guys,
I will be coming to Toronto for this long weekend. Mississauga is the destination but I will be going places. I will be with my gf. Its not my first time.
I am looking for some good suggestions for brunch, lunch and dinner. There are tons I know, but someone's recommendation is always valuable :)

I definitely want to try something better than Chez Cora or Eggspectations for brunch!


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  1. Could you be more specific as to your tastes, degree of casualness/formality desired, importance or not of wine list, budget, preferences, allergies, distance willing to travel and so forth ? Awfully hard to recommend blind in a major metropolitan area.

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      Sorry my bad!
      Casual, with gf, 15-30 per person, no sea food or Japanese food, distance -no real limits.

    2. definitely can't be montreal for breakfast from my limited experiences there.. theres so many choices it seems like.. my buddies last time were all about Cosmo's, some famous place downtown montreal where they make some huge omlette thing

      1. $15-30 a person puts you at a low end for lunch and dinner. OK for brunch. For the latter I would not waste my money on Cora's, Eggspectations and their like.

        Some main meal suggestions at this price point, excluding seafood and Japanese food, would include -

        Archeo - comfort/Italian food in Distillery District
        Wheezie's - King St E. (unpretentious bistro)
        Rosedale Diner - Yonge @ Summerhill (eclectic)
        Toro - Augusta St, Kensington Market (Tapas)
        Il Fornello - various locations, mid-scale Italian/pizza modern vibe
        Gilead - lunch place by famous chef, affordable, Liberty Village
        Astoria or one of the other souvlaki houses on the Danforth. (There is a Mississauga branch a lot less crowded though also with less atmosphere.)

        For brunch:
        Le Petit Dejeuner - King St E near Jarvis
        Bonjour Brioche - Queen St just E of Broadview

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          While lovely and unpretentious, Weezie's is also closed for vacation this weekend.

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            I think Torito is in Kensington Market and Gilead Cafe is close to Distillery District instead of near Liberty Village. Just in case the OP search for these places.

            For mid-price Italian, I will throw in Mercatto (various location). Second the Le Petit Dejeuner recommendation. For breakfast, Aunties and Uncles on College St is very famous.