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Sep 4, 2009 08:16 AM

Dragon Con Food / Drink Advice

Its my first time going and would appreciate any advice. Are there certain restaurants nearby that are popular with Dragon Con folks? Also any ideas for drinking at Dragon Con? Drink at the convention in the hotels or at bars nearby? Are the prices insane inside the convention? And where to drink there?

My plan is to attend Sunday only and I am curious about the availability of single day passes (will they be sold out when I show up Sunday morning) and any other information anyone might have, such as things to be sure to see as well as avoid inside the convention.

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  1. In recent years our trips to Dragon Con we ate at the food court area that is just off the connecting tubes from the Hyatt (I believe) hotel toward Peachtree center. Just follow the crowds and you can't miss it. If you journey away from the convention hotels, there's a few other local places, one for BBQ, another for Chinese that's pretty good. Unfortunately my sense of direction and the names of the places escape me. Just find a member of the Dragon Con staff, and they'll point you in the right direction for good food.

    We also ate at Sear (I beleive it was) in the Marriott. The food was good and not over priced when we were there. And, they let folks come in to eat while in costume.

    For cheap (free) filler junk food, hit up the "Con suite" for goodies.

    Have fun at Dragon Con. Once you go you'll be glad you did.