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Sep 4, 2009 07:12 AM

Labour Day

I know this is a strange question, but I think this forum will give me the quickest, best answers.
I would like to know if there are are any food stores open Monday. I am coming from out of town and I was hoping to buy some cheese home. Also hoping to get some hard cider beverages and beer.
I am staying near downtown (L apartment hotel)
Merci in advance!

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  1. The public markets, including Atwater and Jean-Talon, will be open - I'd recommend JTM (Jean-Talon Market) for cheese and cider/beer made in Quebec. Check out the cheese specialty shops as well as Marché des Saveurs, which has a whole made-in-Quebec alcohol section.

    Grocery-store opening hours may vary by location. Not sure about the SAQs (government-run liquor stores.)

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      thanks kpzoo this looks like exactly what I was hoping for

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        «Not sure about the SAQs (government-run liquor stores.)»

        Holiday Schedule
        LABOUR DAY
        Monday, September 7
        Outlet Business Hours
        All SAQ Express outlets will be open.

        All SAQ Signature and SAQ Dépôt outlets will be closed.

        Most SAQ Classique outlets will be open, with the exception of outlets located in a mall closed for the holiday. To find out which Classique outlets will be closed, click here.

        Most SAQ Sélection outlets will be closed, with a few exceptions. To find out which Sélection outlets will be opened, click here.

        Customer Service
        The SAQ Customer Service will be closed on September 7. Delivery Service
        Please note that there will be no deliveries on Monday, September 7. Regular delivery service will resume the following day.

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          From what I've seen so far, it looks like most major grocery stores will be closed (at least, Loblaws and Metro will be). Thank goodness for the markets...

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            Thank goodness for the markets, but spare a thought for people who work at grocery stores and would like a holiday like the rest of us (and I hope some of our market gardeners also get a holiday1)

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              Provigo on St Catherine will be closed, saw the sign last night.

          2. PA will also be closed on Labour Day.

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              Wow, I'm surprised about PA. They used to advertise that they were open 364 days a year - closed only on Xmas Day.