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Sep 4, 2009 06:33 AM

Food Near Holland MA?

Hi All,

A few Boston-area hounds will be spending next weekend in the Holland MA area (about 10 miles from Sturbridge), and are looking for any recommendations for restaurants, cafes, or interesting markets we should check out. We've never spent any time in this area before, so any food-related tips would be welcome.


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  1. As far as I know, there isn't anything to speak of in Holland, but there are a bunch of options in Sturbridge, most of them right off the Mass Pike exit on Rt 20 (Main St) or right off Rt 20. There is a place called the Traveler just over the CT border off I-84 (1257 Buckley Hwy, Union, CT) - it's a diner type restaurant set in a book store. You apparently get free books with your meal. Here are some good choices in Sturbridge. Romaldo's is a new restaurant owned by the family that ran Rom's restaurant in Sturbridge for many years.

    Cedar Street Restaurant, 12 Cedar St
    Publick House, 277 Main St
    Romaldo's, 453 Main St
    The Whistling Swan, 502 Main St
    Rovezzi's Ristorante, 2 School St

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      OMG. Thanks for the tip on the "FOOD BOOKS" joint. I have driven past it countless times, and never got up the gumption to check it out. We will definitely have to take a look this weekend!

    2. We went here about a year ago:

      BT's Smokehouse (Brimfield location) and it was awesome. It is very close to Holland (probably ten minutes away). Wonderful barbecue, if that is your thing.

      1. I would also suggest Still River Cafe. It's about 15 minutes on back roads in CT. It has been talked about a lot on this board. So do a search on it. I'll provide a link below. I also suggest Kaizen in Sturbridge for Sushi. It's great. Also I second Cedar Street Restaurant in Sturbridge. In Holland there is a fried food/Ice Cream place called Finish Line. Recently opened by the Hoyt family which are famous from participation in the Boston Marathon and also motivation speaking. Also in Sturbridge is the Oak Head Tavern. There is outside eating on a deck over looking Cedar Lake. Let us know what you ended up doing

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        1. Thanks for all the pointers so far! We will report back with news.

          1. Hi all,

            Thanks for the tips here, we ended up eating very well.

            The Traveler was a hoot, and provided a reasonably priced and tasty breakfast (and two books). I especially enjoyed the sausage links -- very tasty. We also did take-out from the BT's Smokehouse in Sturbridge, next to the Yankee Spirits. Too bad we didn't get a chance to choose from the larger menu, but we quite enjoyed the ribs and pulled pork. Talk about SMOKY. Right up our alley (though I could've been just as happy with a lot less salt). Sunday we tried for Annie's Country Kitchen, but missed the fact that they closed at noon -- we were out of luck. We ended up at the Publick House instead, which was surprisingly good. I enjoyed the excessive amount of stuff in the bread basket (particularly the sweet buns), and I was a huge fan of the open-faced turkey sandwich atop cornbread-sausage stuffing atop cornbread. With gravy. That was sort of like heaven. I don't know that the rest of the menu was as good, but that's a sandwich worth a trip. As a side note, we also enjoyed a stop at Cook's Orchard in Brimfield for apples, and at Hyland Orchard and (Pioneer) Brewery for beer. Pioneer's Frontier Ale was delicious -- very well-balanced. I wish I could get it in Boston. The only let-down was at the Sturbridge Cafe, which was cute, but the coffee just wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, and the muffin tops were too much like cupcakes for my taste. The folks couldn't have been nicer, though, so our stop there wasn't a loss.

            So, a lovely weekend, full of good food and interesting places. Thanks for all the tips!

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              If you hadn't heard, Hyland/Pioneer Brewing is in the process of opening a Brewpub right on Main Street (Rt 20). Also, you can pick up their beer at Yankee Spirits in 22oz bottles, as well as just buying them on premises. Julio's in Westborough may also carry their fine beer, I'll have to check next time I stop by.