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Sep 4, 2009 06:05 AM

Visiting Baltimore - Suggestions Please

My husband and I will be visiting the Baltimore area soon. We are staying in Hunt Valley near where our friend resides. I promised my DH no dress up, fancy schmancy (as he calls them) places that I enjoy. I agreed to keep this more of a "guys" type weekend.

Can anyone please recommend some favorite local places for dinner near the inner harbor. We are looking for sort of a lesser known place that serves excellent food, where you can wear jeans, sit back and relax. We definitely do NOT want a chain restaurant, and one that is NOT Asian, Mexican/Spanish/SA, or Middle Eastern.

Thanks very much!

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  1. Glad to hear you'll be visiting Charm City. You're staying about 15-20 miles north of the Inner Harbor, which is frankly mostly chains. However the adjoining waterfront neighborhoods -- I'm thinking Fells Point, Canton, Federal Hill, and Locust Point -- offer a number of places that fit your requirements.

    In no particular order of preference, I'd search this board for feedback on these places: Peter's Inn, Henningers, Ryleighs, Jack's Bistro, Salt Tavern, Corks, Pazza Luna, and the Wine Market.

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      I second the Jack's recommendation. Our Philly foodie friends were very impressed by the sous vide preparations. So it's good for foodies but definitely a casual place.

    2. In Fells Point you may want to try Mezze. They offer tapas in a casual atmosphere. You can then meander through the area and check out the other restaurants and bars and shops. FoiGras

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        Haven't been to Mezze, but based on what I've read here I would think that would go against the OP's list of "unpreferred" cuisines.

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          Yes "bordeauxfan", Mezze leans a bit towards "Spanish/Mediterrean" cuisine, but there are enough options that are less geared towards that particular type of food offering.

          So, Meli would be, perhaps, a better option. FoiGras

      2. I will leave the Inner Harbor recs to others, but if you're in Hunt Valley, you will be very close to Andy Nelson's. It's a wonderful BBQ joint with a fairly extensive menu within the BBQ genre, definitely a casual "guys" kind of place, and the food is excellent. I mention it as a possibility for one of your meals other than your Inner Harbor excursion.

        My apologies from straying from the specifics of your question (Inner Harbor) - just thought that it would be worth mentioning.

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          Forgive me, I should have mentioned we are open to going to places outside of Baltimore and are not limited to the inner harbor. We will have a car so we can get around easily. And thank you for the recommendations thus far!