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Sep 4, 2009 05:42 AM

Business Dinner in Charlottesville, VA

My husband is taking 28 of his managers to dinner. But where should he go? He wants a good restaurant that ChowHounds would frequent. Price range should be around under $25 per person. If possible, they are staying at the Omni and would like to walk to dinner.
Thanks for your help, can't wait to see what you come up with.

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  1. i can't answer from personal experience, but i wanted to look up some nearby restaurants for my own future reference. i go to the omni's location on the googlemaps, then "search nearby" for "restaurants". i found a couple that look very tasty and are nearby: one is called "upstairs" and another is a bistro called "cassis". if you then click on the individual place's website, you can get a really good feel for the menu, decor, etc. i love this feature. of course, nothing replaces real chowhound recs! ;-)).

    i think one of those two had a "private dining" option so maybe your group could get a good deal -- maybe a choice of two mains with a set "sides" menu & dessert, with beverage..... just a thought.

    here is a paste from the google search:
    Upstairs LLC‎ - more info »
    225 W Main St, Charlottesville, VA‎ - (434) 872-0072‎
    Category: Restaurant Management
    2 reviews - Write a review
    "Had dinner in Mid May. Prime grade ribeye was $18 and fantastic. Cool decor and ..."

    Cassis‎ - more info »
    210 W Water St, Charlottesville, VA‎ - (434) 979-0188‎
    Category: Fine Dining Restaurant
    10 reviews - Write a review
    "Steak tartare perfectly prepared - rough ground high quality steak. I have not ..."

    the upstairs website: http://www.theupstairscharlottesville...

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      The two places you mention might have a hard time with such a large party. The Upstairs in particular has limited seating. Cassis might work.

      I would call ahead wherever you choose to go. A lot of the downtown restaurants are on the smaller size. I'm assuming you mean under $25 excluding drinks?

      We had a wonderful company dinner at The Downtown Grille: Might be a little more pricey, but they can easily accommodate larger parties and even have a private room if you prefer.

      Zocalo is a more modern, Spanish-influenced restaurant also on the Downtown Mall: I had their duck breast recently and it was amazing. And they have space for bigger parties if reservations are made ahead of time.

      There is a more casual place that brews some decent beer and the food is generally good: Might be a hit if he's got some beer drinkers with him.

      And a little bit further of a walk (not on the Downtown Mall but on Main Street) is Maya: They have good food and two rooms for parties.

      Other than that you are limited with a party of 30. But his group will probably be happy at any of the above!

      1. re: mojoeater

        Thank you for all of the suggestions. My husband decided to go to Downtown Grille. The group had dinner in the private room, with excellent service and wonderful food. The Grille offers a choice of dinner options for large groups which made it easy to plan and calculate for accounting. He highly reccommends the restaurant and will use again the next time in town. And if staying at the Omni it is just steps away.

        1. re: lscharr

          how much was the grille per person?

    2. when i did my initial search, i did come across the downtown grille, but ruled it out because i thought it was quite a bit above your stated price range -- entrees * starting * at around 25 dollars (iirc). and i'm pretty sure that i got that idea from their website menu.

      now, looking again, there are no prices on their website menu.
      so, either i'm misremembering, or they've changed their site. odd.

      i'm glad it was a good event for your husband and his group. do you care to elaborate on the menu served and the price per person? thanks!

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      1. re: alkapal

        My husband spent $45 per person which includes a Caesar salad, a choice of Petite Filet, Griled Chicken, or Salmon. Side dishes of Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli. Dessert of Creme Brulee. Served with Tea and coffee. This is located under the Banquet Heading then Dinner Menu on their website. My husband decided to raise his price per person due to the quality and atmosphere as well as the compareable prices of other restaurants.

        1. re: lscharr

          well, great! but that was nearly a double amount off the budget.