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Sep 4, 2009 12:19 AM

Dinner Party for a Girls Trip

My girlfriends and I are doing a weekend trip to SF and need a great restaurant for dinner on a Saturday night. Preferably someplace close to downtown that's not too too expensive and fun for a group. Good cocktails are a plus. I'm not from the area, so any ideas are appreciated!

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  1. For good cocktails downtown, I hear good things about Wexler's and Heaven's Dog. Haven't actually been to either.

    1. I would second Heaven's Dog....the food is finally catching up to the fantastic cocktails. I'm a fan of Tropisueno for groups - pretty good Mexican food and great margaritas.

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        i wouldn't call it culinary heaven but Slanted Door is a san francisco favorite that has always been a hit with visiting friends, has a good buzz and their share of good coctkails and the Ferry Building is a cool spot to dine in as well. I hear good things about La Mar Cebicheria for groups also but haven't been yet. Both places are a little pricey but not outrageous. you will need reservations well ahead of time.

      2. I'll second Slanted Door. It is an SF experience and I really like the food.

        I *love* Perbacco -- N. Italian.