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Sep 4, 2009 12:02 AM

Very fresh corn tortillas - help please!

I'm having a party tomorrow and don't have time to make all the corn tortillas I will need! Please help me find a place to buy them fresh, handmade is best. White corn a plus. Will drive miles for a good tortilla! I'm near downtown Seattle. I have marinating al pastor and lime/cilantro/jalepeno chicken and a big pot of black beans cooking to fill them up.

Much thanks in advance, Laura

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  1. Willing to drive to Tacoma? Vuelve a la Vida.

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    1. re: yummers

      Give Rosita's Mexican Grill in Greenlake a call. I frequently order 12 or so corn tortillas from them when I feel like making my own tacos at home. They are handmade, and very good if eaten the day of ordering. If you give them a call early in the day, I bet they could make a large order for you by the end of the afternoon.

      The tortillas usually go for around 30cents a piece.

      Rosita's Mexican Grill

      1. re: Mike CP

        Also see if El Puerco Lloron can help you out. They may be the closest.

        1. re: equinoise

          Tacoma is a bit far! I called El Puerco Lloron, they have had people order and not pick up so I'll have to go in and wait for them. They make great tortillas, it's worth it!

          1. re: Pinkluna

            Ok, I have them, they are still warm but a little gummy. I have them in a lidded pot (cast iron) since I have no tortilla warmer. Any ideas on the best way to reheat them in a few hours? I think they would benefit from a little moisture.

    2. Guadalupe Market has the best corn tortillas that I've tasted locally.

      1. There is a Mexican market in Pike Place Market that typically has good white corn tortillas in different sizes to sell. It's in that same row as Starbucks. I haven't been there in a while, but I hope it's still there.

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        1. I'd love an answer to this question for Portland--I'm not willing to drive to Seattle or Tacoma for them, though.

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            Are you willing to drive 1.5 hours instead? La Tarasca in Centralia has the best tortillas I've had in the USA. Talked with the daughter of the owner when we visited last week - her mother makes them in-house, grinding her own corn! Apparently, she grew up on a mill in Mexico, so has a lifetime of experience. You won't be disappointed by the tortillas!

            DH and I liked the food a lot, but not as much as some reviewers - the tortillas are worth it, though!

            1. re: evergreengirl

              I love La Tarasca, but I was hoping for something a little closer to home!

          2. For years, the menu at El Puerco Lloron, on the Pike Place Hillclimb, offered fresh tortillas (pressed while-you-watch) by the dozen, so I always ordered a dozen with lunch. They still make them for their lunch tacos, all day long, and will still sell me a dozen when I ask for one, even though they have disappeared from the menu. I think you should just call them up and talk to them. Mmmmm...