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Sep 3, 2009 10:53 PM



This may seem like an odd request but I am looking for any places that sell slurpees in Montreal. I'm originally from back west where they have them available usually at small corner stores or gas stations (ie. 7Eleven or Petro Canada) but I can't seem to find them anywhere here. Also, hush puppies do not qualify as slurpees (I've tried hush puppies and they are awful).

Any help would be appreciated! Downtown locations or plateau would be preferred but if you know of any other ones, feel free to post them.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. jonny8, I feel your pain. I quite miss 7-11 slurpees. Hush puppies are not a substitute.

    Sadly, the only place I have found something that came very very close to the coke slurpee at 7-11 is in the West Island. There is an Ultramar gas station on Boulevard Sources just north of the 40 on the west side. I get their coke slush after hockey games some time, and it is the only thing I have seen that has come close. So you may want to poke your head in to random Ultramar and petro-can stations and you never know, you might also see the machine. good luck.

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      some, not all, esso stations have the closest thing to a slurpee. i like them
      the esso on sherbrooke and st laurent has the machine. nothing will ever be as good as a slurpee but this comes damn close

      1. re: celfie

        Oh good! I don't usually go to Esso so I haven't checked out their offerings. Thanks for the tip for a closer alternative to the West Island!

    2. And by Hush Puppies do you mean Slush Puppie?

      Slurpees are off the radar here. We've never had them. We do have those insanely sweet Sloche things they sell at Couche-Tard, but they're not made from soda fountain syrup. I'm afraid that if you want your fix, you'll have to schlep to Ontario.

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      1. re: SnackHappy

        oops yeah, Slush puppie, yup not the deep fried corn flour fritter.

      2. I had a friend who searched for months after moving from Winnipeg and never ended up finding one. Luckily, I was never a fan. I'll ask him if he's made any progress though.

        1. I used to get my Coke slurpee-type fix at the Esso at Sherbrooke and St-Laurent but the last few times I went the machine was broken so I kind of gave up and now I get my fill of them (along with cool ranch doritos and good cheap sushi) on trips back to Vancouver. I agree that the Sloche thing at Couche-Tard is vile - pretty much just tasted like sugar. Although I'm not sure I would want them to taste like the names they give their flavours (rosbif, poussin frappe, etc)...

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          1. re: stak

            Hmm. At least they taste like sugar to you. I dunno. I tried them once and all I could taste was...novocaine? The taste distinctly reminded me of the time I went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled. No idea why.

            1. re: janetmweiss

              Hahahaha thanks everyone for the replies. I guess slush puppies is right, I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote hush puppies - I'm pretty sure that is a brand of shoes.

              Anyways, I will drop by the Esso on St. Laurent and Sherbrooke and let you know what I think.

              moh, slurpees are the absolute best after a game. Back home my friend and I always go after soccer or else a workout. So rewarding.

              1. re: jonny8

                I havent found them but I'm so glad someone thought to ask. I will have to go check out the one on sources (since i'm in Ile Perrot). I'm a vancourite myself. I'll let you know.

                1. re: Kryster

                  sources, north of the 40 - that esso has for sure