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Sep 3, 2009 09:11 PM

Looking for mini cupcakes for kids, as little sugar as possible, upper to lower Peninsula

As many of you parents out there know, kids love cupcakes. Looking to get a bunch for a preschool classroom group, a shop/bakery or to-go pre-order only within the San Mateo area would be nice but can go as far as Mountain View to pick them up.

Mini size preferred and while I know I can get them at Lucky's or at Costco for bigger sized ones, I would prefer

- low sugar (you know what sugar high does to kids)

- organic would be nice, but not a must

- as healthy (or as light) as possible (I know this is asking way too much...)

Frosting I know will be unavoidable and of course the kids will probably want some sprinkles on it and what not.

So no Sprinkles, Kara's, Miette's, Sibbi's (also too expensive) designer stuff. Save that for the adults.

Suggestions for alternatives to cupcakes also appreciated (so long as that cute factor is also there).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. One alternative could be the mini doughnuts from Donut du Jour, in Los Altos.

    <<< A little known fact: donuts have fewer calories than muffins, scones, and even bagels. Mini-Donuts even have fewer calories! Mini-Donuts are the guilt-free dessert! >>>

    Donut Du Jour
    108 State St, Los Altos, CA

    1. FYI - While sugar is not good for children's teeth, etc., researchers have been unable to find evidence that sugar affects kids' moods. It's a myth; see, & multiple other sources...

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        Yes, "hyperness" is better explained by being at a fun party with your friends, eating foods you don't usually eat, etc. Artificial colors have been linked to some changes in behavior though.

        Why torture kids with "low sugar," "healthy" cupcakes? Why not give them real, delicious cupcakes?

      2. i would ask at the Whole Foods bakery what they have and maybe they could make some up with less frosting on it.

        1. I second the whole foods suggestion. They have 12 packs for 3.99 and they are 11.99 elsewhere.

          1. I know these don't necessary fit your criteria, but as a Kindergarten teacher I've had great success with a package of those round brownie bites from Costco which I top with a small swirl of frosting- they're the perfect size for little kids, who tend not to finish more than a half of regular-sized cupcakes.