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Sep 3, 2009 08:40 PM

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas

I would really like to hear some reviews of this restaurant.

Meeting up with some friends in Vegas for dinner and would like a better idea about the service, food, atmosphere, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. It's touristy with decent food (My German friend said the food was actually pretty authentic). It can be a lot of fun. They have beer stein competitions and other games with the whole hall cheering everyone on. You sit on wooden benches at long wooden tables. I wouldn't go there just for the food but if you like a beer hall, loud atmosphere and go in with a lets have fun attitude it can be pretty cool.

    1. I concur with chris2269. I thought the food was certainly better than it had to me and portions were large.

      1. I was extremely disappointed with the food.

        1. It's VERY noisy. A great party-place, but don't expect to hear any normal conversations you may have over all the music, and raccous drinking going on.

          Food is meh. I personally dislike they make their "weinerschnitzel" with pork and not veal, as is customary. (but they still charge an arm and a leg for it!) They charge quite a bit for their food, even for things like the soft, massive pretzels.

          If German food is what you are after, there's better. If you want a party atmosphere, it's great...but expensive.

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            Thanks Chris2269, Poerz, jeremyn, and Honeychan for the input! We are meeting up with friends, and looking for a party atmosphere (it's Vegas, after all), so I think we're on the right track.

            I have never really had authentic German food, so I don't know how disappointed/happy I'll be with the food, we'll see.

            Thanks again for the help!

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              If you don't have a German restaurant near you and want authentic German food, try Cafe Heidelberg for dinner then go to The new Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip for the party.

              Cafe Heidelberg German Market
              610 E Sahara Ave Ste 4, Las Vegas, NV 89104

          2. We had lunch there on my birthday in January. Yes it was pricey, but the beer was good - (get the boot!) and the sausages I had were very tasty. I think one was pork and the other was veal- the veal was my favorite, it practically melted in my mouth. Also, I cant remember what the dip was called, but it was made with Brie and spices and cream cheese I believe- To Die For! The only things I would have done differently, are I would have liked my sausages to be grilled a little, so the casings get nice and crisp, and I would have preffered for my pretzel to be served hot.