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Sep 3, 2009 08:12 PM

Dining on the Outer Cape Orleans/Welfleet/Truro/Chatham/P-town

We're spending the Labor Day weekend in Orleans. Looking for some suggesions for lunch and dinner in and around the area. Nothing fancy.

Cheap for lunch and moderate for dinner, fish is great of course, general American, good drinks. Like all kinds of cuisine, but like to focus on local specialities.


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      1. Try Tera Luna in Truro..

      2. In Eastham, the Friendly Fisherman has fantastic lobster rolls, and Arnold's is known for their onion rings, but have the standard fried and boiled fare, plus a raw bar. Woody's wasn't open yet when we were last there in May, and I have not heard good reviews so far, so don't know if we'll give them a chance when we go next week or not, but Mac's is running a seafood shop next door, so we will be going in there for some at-home snacks(they have outstanding fish dips), and skip the extra drive to Wellfleet. Sam's Deli on Brackett Rd(in the plaza next to the plaza with Ben & Jerry's & Dunkin Donuts) has wonderful and inventive deli sandwiches and baked goods(the breads they serve sandwiches on are out of this world!). Moby Dick's in Wellfleet has the best fried oysters, but everything they serve is good, IMO. Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet is awesome for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and not a "seafoood shack" as most of the others I've mentioned are. Catch of the Day, Van Renselear's, Mac's, Winslow's Tavern and the Bookstore are all good traditional restaurants as well- all are in Wellfleet. If you are going towards P-town from Eastham, there is a little fork in the road to your right with a little strip plaza in it (I think its in Wellfleet or on the Wellfleet/Truro border). There is a little shop on the far right corner that sells all kinds of yummy homemade breakfast and lunch stuff- sorry I don't recall the name- I'll post it when we go next week).

        Stay away from the Sea Dog, the Lobster Shanty, the "barbque" place near Marconi Beach, and all of the places that say "sports bar" between Eastham and Wellfleet- none are good or worth the $- we have been to them when we didn't get around to dinner late, and they were the only ones serving(we'd have been better off at Wendy's in Orleans!), until we found the Yardarm in Orleans a few years ago- its a locals place, decent and reasonable.

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          The Blue Willow is the name of the place at the fork in Wellfleet- stopped there for breakfast yummies to take to the beach this am- try the "French Breakfast Buddies"!

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            Sea Dog did not reopen this year-it is an italian place named Messina

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              We noticed that when we drove by- the menu looks good- any idea about the food?