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Sep 3, 2009 06:58 PM

ABQ--trip report

We just returned from our first visit to New Mexico. I researched restaurants on this board so now I will report back on the places we visited. We tried to eat at places that local people eat at on a a weekly basis, not fancy places. I was surprised at how many restaurants required you to order your food at the counter instead of having waitress service. That is different for us (we are from the East Coast). It was also new for us that so many restaurants have a bottle of honey on the table where we are used to a bottle of ketchup.

Flying Star Cafe: On our first visit here, we weren't very adventurous and got sandwiches. It was okay. But on our second visit we got the enchilada stack and corn pudding with carne almovada. Yum, yum, yum. I'd love to go back there. Fun, casual atmosphere, too.

Route 66 Diner: Very cute decor, but we didn't think the food was anything special. I wouldn't go out of my way to return. Maybe we should have just gone for coffee and dessert. We weren't hungry enough to try dessert.

Frontier Restaurant: One of our favorites! The food was delicious and SO reasonable. I wish we could have eaten there more than once and tried more of the menu. We had a bean and cheese burrito, carne almovada and huevos rancheros.

Church Street Cafe: Great food and a fun atmosphere. The server was so friendly and helpful. Portions were very large.

Dion's PIzza: I think if I did move away from the East Coast, pizza is what I would miss most. We didn't think that Dion's compares to what we get at home. But we didn't come to New Mexico for the pizza.

Monte Carlo Steakhouse: Interesting ambiance. I'm not a steak person and my salad was fine. The rest of my family thought that their steaks were very good.

Little Red Hamburger Hut: This place would definitely warrant a return visit. The burgers were fabulous. I'd heard that the fries were not that good, but I disagree. They seemed homemade and very good. What a friendly staff, too. Gotta love free drink refills.

LIttle Anita's: We only got to eat breakfast here. We tried to go to dinner at 8:00 on Friday night, but they were already closed for the night! Breakfast was very, very good. The sopapillas are wonderful, as was my breakfast burrito.

Burt's Burger Bowl: In Santa Fe--also a winner. We liked the burgers very much. This was the only place we ate in Santa Fe other than grabbing some chocolate at Todos Santos.

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  1. You hit a couple of my favorite spots: Flying Star, Frontier, glad you liked them.

    I agree about Route 66 Diner, definitely a drive by and pass by only.

    I am not familiar with Little Red HAmburger Hut - where is it?

    NM is not known for Chinese Food, Seafood, Pizza -- especially by NY standards. Those are the things I miss most from my previous life as a NYer.

    Dion's is good, but it is not NY pizza. Venezia's is about as close as you are going to get, they have great Chick Parm Wedges too.

    The honey on the tables is for sopapiias and are to cool off the palate after having chiles.

    Thanks for the report.

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    1. re: DebitNM

      Little Red Hamburger Hut is on Mountain. Near Old Town.

      1. re: drcmk

        Thanks! I see it is pretty new, since we left ABQ fulltime anyways, must be why I didn't know it.

      2. re: DebitNM

        Re "I agree about Route 66 Diner, definitely a drive by and pass by only." No, make it a photo stop w/ a little snack. It's a reproduction, but it fits the Route 66 stereotype so very well.....

      3. YAY! I love Frontier...been eatin there for over 20years. ( I live in AZ now, but go everytime I'm in town)
        Little Anitas is yummy too. Too bad you never got to visit Los of my all time faves.
        There's also a wonderful Dim Sum place, downtown

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        1. re: tattud_gurl

          I am not sure if the dim sum place you are referring to is AmerAsia on Lead and Cornell. If so, it is closed. If not, where downtown?


          1. re: DebitNM

   IS's moved to Lomas and 3rd st...called Sumo Sushi/Amerasia. It's a brother and sister place...same owner as Amerasia. Been eating at Amerasia for over 20 years..........

        2. I'd like Dion's a lot more if they served beer. As it is, I agree it's not exactly national-caliber pizza, but the green chile pizza is still the stuff cravings are made of. Perfect take-out for a Friday night.

          Since you seem to like your burgers, next time you're in town, it's worth grabbing a green chile or red chile cheeseburger at Sadie's.

          1. The Frontier is the best, they make their own flour tortillas, and they are served hot and scrumptious. When can I go again????

            1. The original comment has been removed