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Sep 3, 2009 06:55 PM

Quinns or Lark - for tonight! help

Hi All - visting Seattle from NY, and am meeting some friends at the bar Havanas later on, so we are looking for something nearby there for dinner (in about an hour... so fast responses apprecitate!) Thinking about Lark or Quinns, are these good options in what I believe is the First Hill/Capitol Hill area? Any other suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Sorry, just saw this. Where'd you end up?

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    1. re: Lauren

      And, since you were dining on Thursday, you missed all the fun. The foie gras protesters don't show up until 8PM on Fridays. (they've been alternating between the two restaurants weekly)

      1. re: Lauren

        We wen to Quinns - thought it was great, really loved the wild boar sloppy joe and found the overall vibe of the place to be great. Also looking for something for Sunday night - any suggestions? Its our only other dinner out here (here for a wedding, so have plans for everything else) so would love a rec for the one place not to miss. Thanks!

        1. re: Snaps

          My current fav is Poppy. Really something different and great flavors.

          1. re: bluedog67

            A friend reccommended Seastar in Bellvue - any thoughts on that?

            1. re: Snaps

              Snaps, I'd HIGHLY recommend Cafe Juanita over Seastar for Sunday. One of the best overall restaurants in Greater Seattle. The chef/owner will also be one of the contestants on the Next Iron Chef starting in October on the Food Network so you can bring back memories of your meal when you're back in NYC if you tune in. :-)

              1. re: Seattle Todd

                Looks great, but I think we want something a litte more seafood oriented... any other thoughts?

                1. re: Seattle Todd

                  Thanks SO much for the rec, we went and we LOVED IT. Everything was beautiful, service was impeccable, food was fantastic, and they let us just hang out there for hours and take our time. An absolutely lovely evening, and I will be watching Next Iron Chef now and rooting for Holly!

            2. re: Snaps

              Try the Corson Building if you can get a reservation.

          2. Lark is outstanding....maybe you should try that for Sunday night.