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Sep 3, 2009 06:45 PM

Grandma's style pizza in Hollywood

Does anyone know where I can find grandma's style pizza in Hollywood???

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  1. The closest I know of is Del Vecchio's in Weston, nothing closer comes to mind. For what it's worth, Del Vecchio's usually has it by the slice, but a whole pie is the way to go since it's more fresh.

    1. the closest to the old fashioned greasy pizza of decades ago can still be found at Mauro's on Hollywood Blvd, downtown Hollywood. (Next to the PRL bar)

      1. Okay, I need to know, what exactly is grandma's style pizza? I had one of the few grandmothers around that didn't cook and I know she certainly never made pizza!

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          I found this type of pizza on Long Island years ago.

          It is a thin crust, square pizza that has fresh mozrella cheese, dollops of marinara tomato sauce and plenty of oil. Usually topped with fresh basil.

          Many variations and toppings can be added, of course,but that is the basic description.

          Carmella's of Brooklyn features this type of pie.

        2. Just had a great Grandma Pizza from a new place in North Miami Beach (dixie highway) called Kings County Pizza. Regular slice was legit too. Owner worked at Umberto's (Long Island)

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          1. re: The Chowfather

            Thanks, Chowfather. Umberto's is really the only Grandma's style pizza that I've ever had, and it's my favorite slice ever. I'll be sure to check out King's County.