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Sep 3, 2009 06:32 PM

would you take your parents to Blue Hill or Gramercy Tavern?

My parents are visiting us in NYC this fall and I'm having trouble picking a restaurant. The limit is $100/person before liquor. I've also really been wanting to try EMP, but I think I'll save it for just my husband and me to do their big tasting menu. Any advice?

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  1. I've taken my parents to Gramercy Tavern, and they loved it. I don't think you can go wrong with either, though.

    1. ive been to both gramercy and blue hill and both places my parents found to be as boring as i find them to be.

      gotham is a good choice for parents in my opinion...or veritas.

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        What are some more of your parents' favorites? They sound similar to mine. Thanks!

      2. I wouldn't do either. We haven't been to Blue HillNYC in a long time, and we haven't gone back because the meal was far from memorable. As for Gramercy Tavern, I have mentioned previously on this board that our dinner in the dining room there several months ago was very disappointing.

        Imo, there is far superior food to be found directly across the street from G.T. at Veritas, where Chef Grégory Pugin is serving blow-your-socks-off French cuisine. The price for the 3-course prix fixe is two dollars less than what it costs to have unexciting food at G.T. The wine list is one of the most extraordinary in the city, and they have extended the 25% discount on all bottles and wines by the glass until the end of September. Service is excellent, and the minimalist decor is elegant and soothing.

        1. I have had recent family meals at both restaurants, and everyone was very happy with their meals each time. One consideration is that we had much more space at Gramercy, whereas Blue Hill was a bit tightly packed. The service at both was very good, although again, Gramercy was a touch better. I guess I'd give Gramercy a slight edge, but I agree with at least one other poster that you should do well either way.

          1. Where are they from, and what kind of food, setting, etc. do they like?

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              they live in Toronto. They don't go out much anymore, but used to go to 2-3 star michelin restaurants in France. Their most recent amazing meal was last Jan in Barcelona at Cinc Sentits. In terms of setting I would say anywhere with great food would do, but probably more towards warm and comfortable, rather than upscale and cold.

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                Hmmm...Veritas might fit the bill. I haven't been since Scott Bryan left quite a while back but trust RGR's taste and have heard good things from others as well. I do find the stark, modern decor a little cold. Blue Hill is warmer, but also noisier and more crowded. I love their whole farm-to-table approach. Another place to consider is Craft, which is a bit larger, quieter, and more comfortable than Blue Hill but with a similar emphasis on simple preparations with quality ingredients. They lost their Michelin star last year but Tom Colicchio has reportedly picked things up of late.