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Sep 3, 2009 05:51 PM

My review of cheeburger cheeburger (DESTROYS 5 guys)

this is my review on manalapan new jerseys chee burger chee burger. i had eaten at this restauaunt when it first opened a year ago, and weasnt to pleased with the food. however today i decided to give it another chance.

i ordered my meal online and was pleased to see you can customize your burger to your liking. they offer plenty of different sized cooked from medium to well done, and you get your choice of cheese, and a bunch of free topping choices (way better topping choices than 5 guys i didnt get any 5 guys toppings because they were full of failurres)

so i chose a 14 oz burger with pepperjack cheese and for my toppings igot 2 onion rings,peperroini,lettuce and marinara sauce on it. kind of like a pizza burger.
i also ordered a regular sized shake which was kind of small and chose a bunch of chocolate flavors to be put into it.

price: 2/10 the price of my meal came out to be 15 dollars. i got a 14 oz burger and a semi small sized shake(their biggest size) the burger was 9 dollars and the shake was 5 dollars. it was very good though so i cant complain however 15 dollars for a single person is crazy.

quality 9/10- BLOWS FIVE GUYS OUT OF THE WATER. i am not a fan of five guys so that is setting the bar low, but the shake was so rich and the burger was cooked the way i liked it. definately good quality stuff.

customer service 3/10- we ordered our food online and went into the store to pick it up. we then s sat down at a table. and a waitress gave us a dirty look and said were you seated? we said we were told we can pick a table and sit. she gave us dirty loooks again. we had no waitress ever come over to us to ask us how we were doing and they kept giving us smirks. i think they were pissed we were dining in and we werent gonna tip them for showing us to our freaking table. ill give it a 3 because our order was made ontime whe nwe arrived.

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  1. SOmething i thought was funny was that this mom came in with her 7 year old child(looked 7?) and they read the menu and it said whoever eats a 20 oz burger gets their picture on the wall. so this mom paid 12 dollars for her son who is 7 to attempt to eat a 20 oz burger.
    the kid ate about 5 ozs. (-_-)

    1. You ordered to-go food at a sit down retaurant and then sat in the place to eat it ? If that is what you did ? I would give you a dirty look also.

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      1. re: cameronaus

        i ordered the food online. there was a pickup option which a assumed meant that you dont get it delivered. i asked the cashier if we could eat it there and he said yes. i can do whatever iweant after i pay 15 dollars for a burger and shake. also its more of a fast food place then a restaurant and noone was i nthere they had so many tablers. it was jsut rude. i was there with my mom so i wasnt about to not eat it there we were going there to eat our lunch and shit.

        but you should not apply for fast food service guys.

        1. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

          I was asking b/c i have never been . Somebody is a little defensive. If it is indeed a fast food place then you can do what you want, but if it was a sit down restaurant you are in the wrong no matter how much you paid for the food and would you really expect a server to check on you when they have people that tip to wait on.

          1. re: cameronaus

            well i was told that i could sit down so i am not in the wrong. and i have the right to sit down because i was ordering it online not to go they just assumed i wanted it to go. i plan on doing this the next time i go and if they dont like it they can find new customers. however i did enjoy t heir food so i wasnt bashing this place.

            1. re: cameronaus

              I don't think of it as a typical fast food place. If you are eating in, it's waitress service. Online ordering really is more for takeout. If I remember correctly, you don't pick up your food, they bring it to you. I could understand why the waitress would be upset. Guess the cashier didn't think it through. To each his own, but for Cheeburger Cheeburger or any other place with a similar setup, I would feel weird taking my bag and sitting at a table.

              1. re: MrPhil

                As much as I don't want to defend the OP, on the website states ***Dining Room Seating is based on availability*** for those who ordered online. So unless the OP was cutting in front of a line of those waiting for a table...

        2. Why would you compare it to 5 Guys if you don't like 5 Guys? That would be like me comparing something that was good to something I thought was terrible. All you do is rag on 5 Guys, we get it you don't like them.

          1. The 5 Guys in Huntsville, Al. is better than the Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger.
            I like both though.


            1. Just to clarify - Cheeburger Cheeburger is a sit down restaurant, with servers etc.. It would be like placing a to go order at Friendly's or TGI Friday's and then sitting down at a table with it.

              My favorite thing to order at Cheeburger Cheeburger is the chicken patty melt - that, and some onion rings, and I am in heaven!