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Sep 3, 2009 05:39 PM

Restaurants along the PA Turnpike?

Hi there, We're going to be traveling westward to Ohio on the PA turnpike from Lancaster, PA and wondering if there are any good dining options along the way. We've had so many bad experiences in the past, and so many night ended up with Taco Bell, that any, and i mean, any suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Do a search of this board, you'll find a number of suggestions. Mine is for Green Harvest Company in Bedford. Short drive off the TPK exit, good food, reasonable pricing. It's our go-to place!

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      You can get off at the PIttsburgh/Monroeville Exit. There is Udipi Cafe for Indian, I particularly like the Paper Masala Dosa. Then their is Mad Max for tex-mex which I've always enjoyed, espcially their half off wings and beer 5-7 M-F. Udipi is a complete whole in the wall place, but has great food. Another Indian option very near the exit is India Garden, which is also very good. Of the three, I'd pick Udipi provided you like Indian, but do know it's all vegetarian. Pretty much every chain restaurant imaginable is in Monroeville too if you none of the above sound appealing.

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        Thanks for the great suggestions- this is going to make our trip so much better!

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          Just wanted to mention that India Garden has a good ($9) lunch buffet M-F, not sure if they have it weekends or not. It's maybe a mile or so from the Turnpike exit, and it's not the hole in the wall that Udipi is, you really can't go wrong with either. Check their website too for coupons, usually $3 off two buffets. Try to report back, curious which place you end up at.

          While this is very close to your starting point and you may already know about it, but I really enjoy the tacos and Herby's. It's maybe 10 min. off of the exit and I stop their frequently on my trips from Pittsburgh to Lancaster. I do recommend you stick primarily to their tacos. Try at least one of each and share, they also have good sopes (not soup which they also label under sope I think, but looks like a little tostado sort of) and good tamales. Don't order any of the burrito, enchilada, etc. type things, they've never been very good.

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            Forgot to include the Green Harvest Company website - here it is -