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Sep 3, 2009 05:23 PM

Help! Any ideas for restaurants In Garden Grove area for tonight?

I need some recommendations for a great restaurant suitable for a group.... not too fancy, but delicious! I know there are tons of Vietnamese spots in the area, but am looking for any type of cuisine. I've heard some things about Cham Sut Gol Korean BBQ and Incheonwon--any thoughts?
I'm open to anything as long as it's fabulous! Thanks!


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  1. i'm not really a cham sut gol fan...but it's the easiest choice for AYCE.
    I like hwang hae do - their specialty is this watery bulgogi thing (yooksoo bulgogi) where the drippings concentrate on the bottom of the pan. when you're almost done with the meat, they add noodles and then you pour this sweet yummy broth over your rice and enjoy. And soju is $4!

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      also there's googuryo or something that has this spicy braised beef rib dish that's call mehwon galbi's pretty's pretty spicy though be warned...their combo stuff is ok. their service varies...i think it's actually better for non koreans which is very weird
      shik do rak is always decent...meats are a little better...they started the whole dduk bossam thing in so cal...and don't miss the chik neng myun which is special version of the classic cold noodle soup dish...service here is guaranteed to suck

    2. If you dont mind rolling your sleeves up and getting a bit dirty, boiling crab has 2 locations down there.

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        Yes, I heart Boiling Crab and was so glad when they opened up the Alhambra location so that I could be just a teensy bit closer. We actually just ended up eating at some place called Hanoi on Westminster? that had a lot of variety of Vietnamese dishes, but everything had this strange off flavor to it... almost as if everything had been sitting out in the heat with flies buzzing over it all day sort of flavor. It wasn't awful, but just a little off and I wouldn't go there again if I had the choice (it wasn't my choice to go this time actually...)

        Thanks everyone who got back to me on this question!