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Sep 3, 2009 05:11 PM

Looking for local flavor in Naples, FL Labor Day weekend 2009 - any suggestions?

My wife and I will be staying at the Naples Grande for three nights. I am looking for any recommendations for local, bistro type restaurants for Friday and Sunday. I have heard that some fine dining spots are closed for the summer -so any info on that would be helpful too.

On a different note - can anyone recommend a sports bar with good TVs and acceptable food for Saturday dinner? My wife is a ga bulldog and I am a Gator.


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  1. Escargot 41 is a good French bistro close to you. You will have to call to see if they are open.

    1. Kelly's Fish House on US 41 at the Gordon River is as local as you can get. Opened in the 1950s, it's Naples' oldest restaurant. They have their own fishing boats and do a wonderful job on any kind of seafood you care to eat. Not too fancy, but certainly not a dive. By the way, their surf 'n' turf features thye best darn filet I think I've ever eaten.
      If you get down to Marco Island, The Sand Bar is a great sports bar and their food is excellent.

      1. For a sports bar, you might consider Tavern on the Bay in the Bayfront...went with co-workers this past week for lunch....I had a baby spinach salad for $5.99...others had crab cake sliders for $6.50...tomato basil soup was enjoyed...chicken clubs. HD tvs all around, very clean place & somewhat new. They also have website so you can find out about dinner, too, if you choose.

        1. probably too late, but in waterside mall, the upscale mall that looks like a country club is a bistro called Bricktops. its sort of a chain but very limited in number. it has outstanding food and service (much better than Brio's which just across the way--but Brio's is more of a "scene"). i recommend the ahi tuna salad or sandwhich. they also have great prime rib or fish tacos or a great burger and many other salads. its where many of the locals go. of course Naples Grande has the Strip House but its just another expensive steak house and the bordello red scheme sort of turned me off.