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Sep 3, 2009 05:11 PM

foreign cinema brunch: experiences?


I am considering Foreign Cinema for a brunch birthday celebration. Has anyone been there recently? Does it feel festive and of course - how is the food??


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  1. It's great -- a nice atmosphere for a group, and great food.

    1. My favorite brunch in the city...the food is great and the patio can't be beat on a nice day.

      1. Just for balance, I find it overpriced and scene-y, with service to match. Fine if someone else is buying.

        The patio is now overcrowded, and it's easy to spend $30 for (well-prepared) eggs, a side of fruit, and a mimosa. They have great cocktails.

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        1. re: Windy

          I agree that Foreign Cinema is over priced and very much a scene. The food at brunch is not bad but not good enough either to justify the hype.

          Another suggestion for brunch is 2223 Market. Everything is excellent, especially their housemade sausage and biscuits with poached eggs, braised greens, and pan gravy.

        2. also my favorite brunch in the city. obviously not something that you can do on a weekly basis, but it's a nice brunch for every once in a while

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          1. re: vulber

            Agreed. I went for my birthday as well. I think their egg dishes are excellent (they are authors of the cookbook City Egg, Country Egg), and they make delicious homemade "pop-tarts". I've been to this brunch several times and never been disappointed. I do agree service isn't always top notch. I actually got attitude, and then slow response, to a request for ice in my water on a sweltering day. But I do think their food is worth the price of a nicer brunch spot. If you're with good friends celebrating your day, the scene-iness should not be noticeable.