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Sep 3, 2009 04:30 PM

Hot Dogs in Queens...

a long time ago there used to be a place named 'anne's franks and fries' and it served some of the best hot dogs and waffle fries ive had in a long time... theyre no longer in business (for almost ten years now, if not longer) and ever since ive been on a mission to find good dogs and fries. anyone have any suggestions on a grays' papaya type place but in queens?

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  1. the hot dogs at 5 guys are okay, and their fries are pretty good. Also, like the hot dogs from Deli King in New Hyde Park, and they have good fries also, but it's a Jewish Deli--not sure if this is what you want.

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      ive the tried the dogs at five guys, i dont like it that they cut them open, i think all the flavour and juices escape, and they try to seduce you with many toppings... i usually go to ben's best either in bay terrace or in rego park... but not exactly what i was referring to... something more like this:

      1. re: norah_j

        woodhaven blvd by St johns cemetery dominicks its the blue truck excellent hot dogs I dont think they r their on the weekends though

        1. re: howster

          oh thats right, i forgot about them... they have the italian sausage truck and hot dog stand... iirc. they dont do fries or anything like that right?

          1. re: norah_j

            the hot dog truck is just dogs some times they have knishes not to often though and down the block is the sausage and pepper truck havent been to him in a while so I cant say if he has fries or not

        2. re: norah_j

          Just to set the record straight, Ben's in Rego Park is NOT affiliated with the Ben's chain that is located throughout Long Island, Bayside and in Manhattan.

          1. re: bobbyrab

            i had a feeling they were seperate... the food is so different... i prefer the potato pancakes at the bayside one, and the hot dogs at the manhattan location, but the pastrami sandwich at the rego park one...

      2. Queens hot dog- probably Ben's (the chain) in Bay Terrace. Gray's Papaya remains my favorite and I tend to save my hot dog eating for when I am near one.