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Sep 3, 2009 04:06 PM

The restaurant Local review

My husband and I along with another couple went to Local last night for dinner. This was our first visit so we had a very hard time locating the place. We actually drove by it 3 times slowly and completely missed it. We finally had to call them for direction We sort of felt like they don't want you to find it. Odd in my opinion. Anyway once we arrived we were warmly greeted by the hostess and taken to our reserved table. We really loved the over all feel of the place it was very urban & hip

Once we were seated menu's arrived and the print was so small we all had a hard time reading it. The presentation of the menu was very cool but very hard to read. I was really dissappointed on the quite small selection of things offered and had a hard time making a decision on what to order as nothing really spoke to me. My companions felt the same. We did order a beautiful bottle of red wine. It was $ 80.00 and normally retails for around $ 40.00 so I thought that was a very fair price. The sevice was also very good.

We felt like most of the starters were very over priced. We all ordered the Caesar I beleive it was $ 12.00 so we decided to split it. Thinking at $ 12.00 it should be big enough to split between 2 people. Wrong when it arrived it was a very small caesar. It was a very good Caesar but very small. Again for the price point it should have been larger. The main Meal my friends ordered the pork chop, and seabass. Both dishes were very good. The pork chop was a nice portion and the seabass probably 7oz served on Risotto it was very nice. My husband had another fish I think the red snapper it was very good as well but pretty small. maybe 6oz and I think about $29.00 I thought a little over priced.. I ended up going with the $ 23.00 burger good but not worth $ 23.00 bucks. The french fries however were fantastic but only had 6 of them. All and all it was a good experience. Would we go back. No. When we arrived home there was 1/2 of a left over cheese pizza from the baby sitter and my husband set down and ate it as he was still really hungry. We spent a total of $ 275.00 tip included and My husband came home and had a leftover cold cheese pizza. What can I say.

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  1. I'd like to taste a $23.00 hamburger!

    Very detailed review, sorry your experience wasn't better.

    1. I feel like Local is a place I feel like I should like and want to like but have tried it 3 or 4 times and been gradually less impressed.
      Thanks for the review.

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        Yes the more I think about the experience the more dissappointed I become a well as my dining companions. We all really wanted to love it but , there was just so much they missed.

        1. re: Analisas mom

          It's too bad you had that experience. I just ate there for the first time in a couple of years last week and it was wonderful. I had the lamb and it was perhaps the most perfectly cook piece of lamb I have had and the portion was satisfying. We shared an order of the fried green beans and had two entrees. We were both happy and, like you said, the service was excellent. I thought the food, for the quality and the experience was a value and I want to go back. We had glasses of wine that were also good. The only thing I found to be overpriced was the $12 michelada (which is usually a cheap way to serve cheap beer!).

      2. I'm sorry Analisas mom was disappointed with Local (although her review is not wholly negative -- "we liked this, didn't like that"). We've been going there for years and love the place. First time we went, I had what remains the best piece of chicken in my life (I wish it were still on the menu). I've never been disappointed with the food there, ever. Don't have a reservation? No prob -- sit at the bar and enjoy the entire menu. Friendly service? I can't recall a time when the door wasn't opened for us. Is it pricey? Yeah, no question. But for the quality of the food, I think Local is a great value (I can't think of a Dallas restaurant that is a better value). I take out-of-town clients there often; one evening at Local changes the way they think of Dallas ("Oh, you folks aren't all chain-restaurant yahoos after all").

        The Alices have never walked out of Local hungry, and we're not rail thin and certainly have good appetites.

        Local is the sort of restaurant Dallas needs more of. It is urban. It is not a chain. It cares about its customers and its food. It is Local.