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Sep 3, 2009 04:04 PM

Takeout Sushi in Sherman Oaks?

Going to the bowl in a couple hours...wanted to take some sushi...will be driving down Van Nuys Blvd to 101...can also take Coldwater...not a big fan of Gelson's sushi...any decent to go places?


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  1. I've seen good reports on sushi at the Farm Boy's at Hazeltine/Riverside right on the corner by Trader Joe's. No personal experience, but it's within your desired area.

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      Farm Boy actually isn't bad. Don't know if you are willing to wait for food to be prepared, but I've found that Nami Sushi is very fast with takeout orders (they are on Moorpark/Van Nuys corner behind the In-N-Out Burger). Perhaps you could call ahead (818) 986-7060 and have it waiting. There is also Whole Foods if you are not willing to wait/call ahead.

    2. Sushi House of Taka fits the bill perfectly! Right on VN, just south of the 101 on the east side of the street.

      We get to-go from them a lot. Love the japanese scallop and yellowtail sushi, plus various rolls (spicy shellfish, mama/papa, etc).

      1. Sushi Don just off the 101 at Laurel Canyon, a little takeout joint in a strip mall. Same owner as Sasabune.