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Sep 3, 2009 03:48 PM

Mongolian BBQ anywhere between Boston and Hartford?

Since Golden Panda in North Attleboro closed my buddies and I have been on a
quest to locate a mongolian bbq restaurant somewhere near RI....willing to drive
an hour to 2 out of our way if necessary. Please help!

PS - Fire & Ice is NASTY....too bad too because I wanted to love it! They also has some serious sanitation issues.

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  1. The only Mongolean bbq I know of is is Century Buffet in Bristol Ct. It's a pretty good buffet with a bbq set up on the side. Here's a link to an article I found that describes it.

    1. There's a Korean BBQ place on George Waterman Rd in Johnston.

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        any other info on this place? do they have have the tables where you can cook your own food in the middle?

        1. re: joe777cool

          Yes, they do. But -- important caveat -- I don't know if this is a Health Dept thing or not, and our Korean language skills are way too limited to find out, but there's a staff person if not quite "hovering", then very frequently stopping by your table to check on, turn and remove the food from the grill, so you're not quite cooking it yourself. That said, it's a nice place, the food is good, although there's not quite the selection of accompaniments that you'll find in, say, L.A.'s Koreatown. The odd thing is that every time we've been there over the last couple of years, it's been devoid or almost devoid of customers.

          The place is called Sura, and it's just about at the Johnston-North Providence line. There was a place by the same name on Angell just off Thayer in Prov., but they had a fire a few years ago and closed permanently, I think.

          1. re: Gin n Tonic

            thanks a bunch, my GF and I love this type of cuisine but were really unable to drive to cambridge to endulge due to time constraints. Pricey? How the quality of the food?

            1. re: joe777cool

              Pricy? I guess it depends. Compared to what you'll find in that area, probably. I think the bulgogi entrees probably average around $18. We usually get out for around $55-60 for two, with a couple of beers, an app or two, two entrees and tip.

              As I noted, the food is good. I've had better and more varied Korean in L.A., which I will be the first to admit is a ridiculously unfair comparison. I mean this is suburban RI -- as long as you don't set your aim by NYC or LA Koreatown standards, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Go and try for yourself.

              1. re: Gin n Tonic

                Thanks so much for the great recommendation. My fiancee and I went last night and we loved it. The beef short ribs were delicious.....wishing I had some left for breakfast!

      2. Anyone else know of any mongolian bbq type restaurants?

        to clarify - you pick out the raw veggies/meats/noodles/sauces and then the chef cooks it up on either a flat top grill or in a wok.