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Berkeley: A new ice cream maker on 4th Street - Chocolatier Blue Patisserie

The concord grape sorbet is the winner here. Soft, smooth with all that is good about fresh concord grapes and none of the bad cloying qualities that happen in all things Welch's

The peach and strawberry were also true to fruit flavor, but that grape was the standout. Ice cream today was chocolate, caramel and hazelnut.

Cups are $3 dollars, generous and they were very nice to let me have 3 sorbet flavors in one cup. I enjoyed it very much. I think toppings are included if you like. They are generous with samples and service is with a smile.

They also sell the chocolates.

There are a few esquisite pastries.
- Panna cotta with raspberry and blackberry gelle
- Vanilla chiboust and fresh raspberries
- Amadei 70% darck chocolate cremeaux with streusell
- Flourless dark chocolate cake with ennis hazelnut mousse

The pastries are $5 and small but rich, beutiful and of the quality that is found at top-tier restaurants such as French Laundry or the Dining Room

That chocolate cremeaux is amazing,. I am going to have to bring a chocolate-obsessed freind here ASAP as he will adore this.

Coffee is coming

Thank you Agent 510 for the heads up about this

I was in the area and decided to drive by. Not only was it open, but there was a space open in front of Bette's Oceanview next door ... a sure sign from the food gods to stop.

Daily 11 am to 8 pm ... but they are new and just trying out these hours

1809 4th St
Berkeley, CA 94710

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    1. re: Agent 510

      According to the Callebaut site

      "Crèmes and crémeux:
      Endless variations are possible with crèmes and crémeux. In essence we are dealing here with preparations where an anglaise or (whipped) cream plays the starring role, with added flavouring, for example from chocolate. Mousses differ in that a crème is fuller and smoother and lacks the aerated structure typical of a mousse."

      At Blue the little egg-shaped pastery was like a mousse but lighter and richer. What is lovely besides the intense chocolate flavor is that it is salted as well. It sits on a bed of the softest, buttery-ess strusel crumbs. So good.

      As mentioned, it was a small egg, but this is a good photo of what the texture looks like

      While I didn't buy it a chiboust accord to wiki

      "Crème Chiboust, also called Crème Saint-Honoré after Saint Honoré, is a crème pâtissière (pastry cream) lightened with whipped cream or stiffly beaten egg whites. It was originally devised by the French pastry chef Chiboust in Paris around 1846 to fill his Gâteau Saint-Honoré."

    2. Are they using Sketch's old soft serve style dispensers?

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      1. re: Morton the Mousse

        No. I specifically asked because it looked like soft ice cream. He has his own ice cream maker that is displayed behind the counter. It looked close to the Sketch machine so I asked.

        I only tried the sorbet because I was just so overheated and needed something lighter. I think that you will like this place. The owner was once at Charlie Trotter's in Chicago and that level of excellence shines through in what he does.

      2. Did I miss whether he is keeping both places?

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        1. re: wolfe

          Yep. Keeping both places. he hired someone to sell chocolates at the other shop. I think he drops over there from time to time since he hopped on a motorcycle while I was there and took off. Since he has the chocolates at the new shop, I wonder if some of the pastries will go to the original location. Didn't think about that till I got home.

        2. Sounds great (and dangerous to my waistline). How is the space set up? Is it the sort of place where you're meant to sit down at a table, eat your dessert, and have a leisurely cup of coffee?

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          1. re: abstractpoet

            Well, yes and no. It isn't much different than Sketch. There is only one table inside with a long counter spanning the restaurant. However, outside there are about a half dozen tables that would be pleasant to linger with dessert. They only opened yesterday, so I'm sure there may be some other changes.

          2. Went by tonight and tried a couple of items. I loved the texture of the cremeaux--so smooth and creamy. Decadent without being overly sweet. Definitely a great chocolate fix. My wife tried the chiboust, which she really liked. It was interesting--a foamy consistency, and the taste was like a cross between a custard and a meringue. Not something I'd order for myself necessarily, but I can see the appeal.

            We weren't in the mood for ice cream or sorbet tonight, so we'll have to come back for that some other time. I'd also like to try the flourless chocolate cake, which they had run out of.

            The owner said that their coffee is going to be Flying Goat (same roasters as Local 123), which is exciting to hear. He said there would be some kind of station where people could brew their own coffee--curious as to what that will entail. French press?

            We were there about a half hour before closing and didn't see any other customers. I guess I never really noticed before how dead the whole 4th St. area is at night time--not much foot traffic at all. Hopefully the patisserie can get some business from folks finishing dinner at the handful of restaurants on the block.

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            1. re: abstractpoet

              They mentioned that there are some new businesses opening soon on 4th Street that will be open late. That is about all I know.

              1. re: rworange

                A friend who's plugged into the Fourth St. gossip told me there's a bookstore going into the old Cody's space and that O Chame's rumored to be taking over the Eccolo space.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Books Inc. will be in the old Cody's space--they sent out a flyer, no need for a special gossip connection!

                  1. re: Leadbelly

                    That can't be right, can it? The old Cody's space has had a tenant since March....the CB2 home furnishings store.

                    1. re: Agent 510

                      Good point--Books Inc didn't announce the precise location, maybe more secret sources will step forward and clarify whether CB2 is staying.

                      1. re: Leadbelly

                        The new space is actually where the old Dansk store used to be. I think it then turned into a Napa Style (?) but I don't quite remember. So it's going to be a rather small bookstore, I guess.

                        1. re: PegS

                          Right. It was a Napa Style up until two weeks ago. It's a narrow, but deep, space - rather like the Books, Inc. in the Marina, or a bit smaller than Diesel. CB2 continues to stay in the other building.

                          I'd be a little sad if O Chame moves to the Eccolo space. It's small, but the vibe of their current spot fits them much better.

                          1. re: pockyjunkie

                            Oh yeah, the former NapaStyle space, that's what I heard.

            2. Took the kids for ice cream on Saturday and I was a bit disappointed. There was some problem with the temperature regulation for the ice cream and it was half melty and half too frozen. The chocolate that I had was not very chocolate-y and the caramel ice cream that the kids had was way WAY too sweet for my tastes. My son ate all of his, but my daughter took only a few bites and that was it for her. I like the teeny tiny cookie that comes with the ice cream.

              I LOVE the chocolates at Chocolatier Blue (and, of course, they have them at the 4th St shop - perhaps a smaller selection), but I'm REALLY hoping the ice cream improves. If they can do with ice cream what they can do with chocolates I'll be a little less sad that Sketch is no longer there. Plus, I'm a seven-year-old when it comes to ice cream: I want it in a cone

              (and the kids always feel a little ripped off by the lack of cones and don't EVEN get me started on Lush Gelato with their little-scoops-of-ice-cream-in-a-cone logo and their lack of cones: don't tease me that way and I'm only forgiving Lush because their mint chip was the best mint ice cream/ gelato that I have ever had and I am bordering on obsessed with mint ice cream.)

              I wish I'd tried the cremeaux. It really looked lovely. And the fellow serving up the treats was very friendly.

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              1. re: MollyGee

                Agree with most of this. Since I was in the mood for ice cream, I had the chocolate even though the sorbets I tasted seemed better. I could tell the chocolate itself was of high quality; there just wasn't enough chocolate taste there, and the high rate of melt was off-putting. The (free!) caramel sauce was pleasant if a bit on the sweet side.

                For some reason it seems to take ice cream makers a while to get good (at least that was the case with Ici and Tara's), so I'll try again in the fall if the weather holds up.

                1. re: bradluen

                  I was there yesterday and had the grape sorbet. Flavor was good, portion-size was nice, counter guy was indeed very friendly, but, yeah, they've got to do something about the temperature. It was melty before it hit the dish, and the sorbet was grape juice rather quickly.

                  1. re: PegS

                    Anyone notice if they'll be open tomorrow (Labor Day)?

                  2. re: bradluen

                    We went yesterday afternoon, there were two people serving. They were out of some of the ice cream selections so DH and I ended up with a combination of espresso and caramel ice cream, and I also asked for a taste of the passion fruit sorbet.

                    The ice cream was already half melted in the little bins they were serving from, and it melted even faster in the cup. The espresso flavor was nice, but not quite enough taste and the caramel was a tad salty to me. We passed on any toppings but did have a chocolate meringue button they had on the counter.

                    The consistency of the sorbet was good, but it way too sweet and sour for me.

                    They could use a little portion control. My cup was quite full, but DH's serving was 1/3 less. I ended up giving him what I didn't finish. I also wasn't crazy about the plastic cups and spoons (compostability-wise) and prefer the paper bowl and wooden spoon that Sketch used.

                    Looking forward to trying them again after they've worked out some of their issues. They have delicious potential there.

                    1. re: AntarcticWidow

                      I had a cup of the mango sorbet today. I tried the caramel ice cream first, which I found to be fairly salty, but tasty. The mango was almost by default, but I enjoyed it. The default reason was that the other sorbet flavors already looked like melting glaciers with lakes forming on the surface. The mango was fairly solid.

                  3. re: MollyGee

                    I had the exact same experience on Friday. Much too melty, so I couldn't tell if the sorbet was too sugary for me or if it was just melty. Passionfruit and grape both tasted like they had potential though.

                  4. Does anyone know the days/hours of this place? It doesn't seem to have a website yet.

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                    1. re: milklady

                      In the OP

                      Daily 11 am to 8 pm ... but they are new and just trying out these hours

                      1. re: rworange

                        You might want to get there early if you want to try the desserts. I showed up at 3 today and only the panna cotta was available. He must have a devoted following.

                        1. re: rworange

                          Sorry, don't know how I missed that!

                      2. After a failed attempt to stop in last week or the week before (they were closed due to freezer issues, but there was no sign up or anything) I succeeded today.

                        I tried the hazelnut tart. It was a creamy hazelnut filling on a cookie dough crust, with one perfect hazelnut and a piece of chocolate on top. It was quite sweet, but the filling was smooth, and the tart was delicious. I got the small size, which was about 2" in diamater, really just a couple of bites. It was priced at $4. The larger size was $8, but it was only about 3.5", maybe 4". There were also beautiful looking lemon and chocolate tarts (same sizes and prices) and 2 kinds of cremeux as described above -- one was plain and one had berries in it.

                        For some reason I didn't ask to try any ice cream.

                        There was one guy working the counter, and the service was friendly and well-informed.

                        I liked it, and it's great that there's a second location to buy their magical chocolates, but I think that when I want perfect pastries I'll keep going to Masse's, where there are more options and a better price point.

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                        1. re: milklady

                          Just updating as I was here today. They had almost all the new fall flavors of chocolates. They had some new muffins and pound cakes (individual) for $3 each and are advertising "morning pastries". I tried the passion fruit pound cake. It was good - buttery pound cake with tangy passionfruit syrup all around the outside. They also have lowered the prices on the tarts to $3 and $6 for small (3 bites) and large (serves 1-2).