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Sep 3, 2009 03:07 PM

"Q"-and-Brew event in Lowell, September 12

According to the Lowell Sun's GourmetGal, what used to be the Rib 'n' Brews festival is now dubbed Major JAM'N, for the JAM area (maybe this stands for Jackson and Merrimack/Middle/Market? - I'd have to look up Jackson St.) It is AYCE for $25, from 4 till midnight, on Jackson St. Supplying the comestibles: Village Smokehouse, Garcia Brogans, MSM Ribs of Dorchester, UTEC (I haven't a clue, either), Berkshire Brewing Company, Peak Organic (espresso ale), and Lowell Beer Works.

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  1. oooh, where can we find out more, anyone know...GG????That is an amazing price, not all you can drink, I am sure, still a great deal. Music? it'll be here before you know it and I would love to bring a gang to make sure it sticks!

    1. UTEC is the United Teen Equality Center - a great organization. The kids have their own organic gardens and a cooking program. They sell their veggies to local restaurants.

      1. MSM makes great ribs- ate a ton of them on the Cambridge side of the river July 4th.

        1. Just Mapquested it...maybe it's Jackson and Marston. I'm not finding any other online info on the event.

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            I spent some time, too, trying to find anything more about this event & didn't.

            1. re: Taralli

              I was in Lowell today and did not see any banners, except for some sort culture festival being held the same day at the Enterprise Bank. Between absent street signage, 5pm traffic, and one-way streets, I failed in my attempt to find Jackson St., but it's off Gorham/Central, parellel to Appleton. I usually have a good sense of direction.....sigh.

            2. re: greygarious

              jackson, appleton and middleton is the acronym's meaning, although the streets run parallel.

              likely it will be on the street where that bar major's is. parking garage right there, or easy walk from mbta.