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Sep 3, 2009 03:05 PM

BBQ on Eastside

Where can I find good BBQ in the Redmond/Kirkland/Woodinville/Bothell area? There's like nothing here and NO Burger King doesn't count.

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  1. ArrowSmith, Have you noticed all those BMW's around you in traffic? I suggest you drive South until pickup trucks outnumber Beemers and there you will find a place called Branks BBQ. Otherwise, don't waste your time....

    1. I like Casper's which has a branch in Bothell. They are Florida style... I guess but I don't know anything about Florida BBQ. Pork ribs are good if you like the smoked falling off the bone style. Fried okra is good and sweet potato fries. I haven't tried a lot. The gator isn't bad. It's fried gator but I didn't think it was as good as the ribs or chicken. I still want to try the brisket and prime rib. This is my current favorite BBQ place.

      In North Bend there is Rhodies which I always liked when they had the Seattle gas station location. Nice and smokey on the ribs. I've also tried their Bite of Seattle efforts and I thought they were good there.

      I love BBQ and try a lot of places. Some if you hit them on a good day they good. I think the big problem in the NW is that Seattle [I was born here] is not a BBQ culture. Seattle is much more grilling oriented. This creates a little bit of a problem for Seattle area BBQ places. The problem that not enough people want to show up for good BBQ on a regular basis. This means that even a place that is capable is doing really good BBQ sometimes can't afford to do it right. That means that sometimes the meat seems to be reheated and that just doesn't work for me. "Right" ideally would be that you start cooking in the morning and start serving at lunch and then close when you run out of meat. That does not work in the high rent grilling oriented PNW. I wish it did. I have had plenty of good BBQ experiences but none that are consistently good. End of sermon.

      I do like Caspar's and Rhodies though... and a few other places on occasion but not every occasion. I actually had BBQ at Burney Brother's right by 3rd Place Books and it was surprisingly good. Just one try though.

      Good luck on the quest.

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        Well that cuts it doesn't it? I'm gonna have to go to Austin.

      2. Head east on Hwy 2 a couple of miles past Monroe and visit Old School BBQ, located in a school bus in front of the reptile museum. Texas style mesquite smoked ribs and chicken are standouts, as are the beans and cornbread.

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          The food at the Old School sucks.Nothing but reheated 100 times until they sell it out.Over smoked and nastey.Dont know how they stay in Business selling that crap.

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        2. If Duvall isn't too far to drive, Armadillo BBQ is pretty good.

          1. Dixie BBQ at the NE corner of 520 and 90 across from the furniture store. The new Armadillo in Woodinville.

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              My mistake NE corner of 520 and 405 across from the furniture store. The Man passed away this week, may his sauce live in eternity.

              Dixie's Bbq
              11522 Northup Way, Bellevue, WA 98004