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Sep 3, 2009 02:30 PM

Black or White Truffles Pate / Black or White Truffles Oil

Does anyone knows where to buy the black or white truffles pate or black or white truffles oil in Toronto? Thanks.

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  1. Last time I looked it was in St Lawrence market right opposite the entrance to the stair that are slap bang in the middle of the market.

    1. You can get several kinds of truffle oil of various levels of quality at Domino in the basement of SLM. Other places in the market sell some of the same oils, but at higher prices from what I've seen.

      1. You can get the oil for sure at slm in the lower level, but you can also get the oil and the paste at the cheese boutique. You could try whole foods for the oil but i am not certain whether they would have it. Festival on college street I believe also has it.

        1. pretty much any store selling other high end goods will have truffle oil... though i'm not sure about pate. do you mean paste?

          i'm sure spice trader, pusateri's, whole foods, mcewans, various shops in slm, pasquale bros, etc etc have it. there can be huge variations in quality though and it's often represented by cost. it's been written about quite a bit but most truffle oils are synthetic with tiny bits of the real thing to keep up appearances. do check the ingredient labels if you're planning on putting down a lot of $$ for it.

          1. I don't want to burst your bubble, but ever since I started doing research on truffle oil a few years back, I've resorted to only using either fresh truffles, or the paste.

            Take a read if you're interested further: