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Sep 3, 2009 02:08 PM

Special Chowhound finds WEST of the Kings Hwy (427)

Just reading a similar thread, but most of the special finds seemed far from where I live. What special places are there west of Toronto (and/or the 427) in Mississauga, Streetsville, or even Oakville?

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    1. re: chillihigh

      Thanks. I have little experience with Indian cuisine. What are your favorites and how do I order to really avoid the hot and spicy menu items?

      1. re: South Carolina Girl

        you cant go wrong with the naan and butter chicken and prawn masala. The dosas are excellent too....

      1. Sweetsmoke in Oakville.
        JJ Thai on Mississauga Road/401

        1. Bumping this topic for justice... West of the 427 is where I'm interested in as well

          I'll add a couple of my favorites:

          Falafel Garden in Brampton (tiny hole in the wall but dont let the appearance stop you from going in)

          Sweet Smoke in Oakville, like someone below said.. Get the pulled pork sandwich or cuban sandwich. can't go wrong

          Agabi's in Oakville - I have written about this place countless times but nobody seems to try it! It's a French/Medeterranian restauraunt and pretty much everything they make has a unique spin on it.. Their chicken shawarma is probably my favorite in the GTA (NOT like your regular shawarma though if your expecting the same old spices) and is actually finished in a pan with a bit of sauce and thrown under a high heat broiler to crisp up.. I also will give it best calimari in the GTA (always amazing and fresh) and my favorite greek salad as well (the home made dressing is friggin amazing)

          Lourice in Oakville - again, this is a solid shawarma joint... get the chicken shawarma sandwich w/pineapple and you really can't go wrong.

          Tony & Jims in Brampton - pizza, pasta, wings, sandwiches. all of it homemade, nothing is frozen ever... best wings in brampton, best chicken parm in brampton IMO, and solid pizza.. not a fan of the slices though which aren't always as hot as i'd like

          Pamier Kabob in Brampton - I just discovered this last week, actually I had no idea what the hell they served there for the longest time since I'm just a regular white dude, but they've got some great chicken & beef grilled kabobs and the fluffiest rice I've ever seen

          Tinnels in Brampton - my favorite homemade jamaican patties

          Astoria in Mississauga/Etobicoke border - probably the best Souvlaki I've had in the GTA.. not better than Montreal though

          Alexandra's Hut - only pizza place in Mississauga I know of with the wood burning oven.. it makes a big difference in my opinion (but i catch flak for this from other CH'ers apparently lol)

          Bom Apetite in Etobicoke - Queensway and Islington, probably the best churrasqueira I've had yet in the GTA

          Nova Esperanca in Brampton - By far my favorite of the big 3 portuguese grilled chicken places in Brampton.. (nova esperanca vs. martins bbq vs. lisboa downtown)

          fairly confident in this list and it is suggestions that i pretty much never hear talked about on CH , so let me know if you try one out.


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          1. re: duckdown

            Chicken shawarma with PINEAPPLE???

            1. re: TorontoJo

              Hell yeah, it's good.. Like a sweet & salty thing going on there because I find the Lourice shawarma a little salty to begin with... Just try it.. they put the shawarma on the flat top and toss the thinly sliced chicken with thinly sliced pineapple then wrapped in a pita with whatever else you want

              Think of it like the Montfort Chicken if you go to montforts, which is chicken & pineapple in a pita with garlic sauce

          2. il pescatore in Port Credit
            Amadios for pizza
            and +1 on Astoria for Greek.

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            1. re: boy1dr

              -1 for Amadios... Went there today and thought it was pretty bad

              Alexandra Hut take-out is 5 minutes away and has wood fired pizza but no dine-in area