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Where to buy Za'atar?

I'm looking for a place to buy za'atar either in downtown Toronto or up near Markham HWY 7 area. If you've bought this in either of these areas please share ... Thanks :)

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  1. I have bought it from Spice Trader on Queen St. East and House of Spice in Kensington Market. The latter being cheaper than the former.

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      You could probably find it at Ararat (Avenue Road north of Melrose) or Nasr Foods, but since neither is downtown or in Markham, I'd suggest making your own. It will taste more fresh than any packaged or bulk item you find at either of those two places. Find a simple recipe online and mix your own dried herbs and spices.

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        Spice Trader is on Queen West, not East, and they do indeed have za'atar.

      2. I found it at Longo's, in Markham on their specialty spice rack.

        1. There are different blends of za'tar actually, you might have to try a few and figure out which one you like.
          Myself I prefer the tangier, moist looking, olive green ones over the more yellow which I believe have anise or fennel in them?

          People and families in different regions of the middle east take great pride in making their own so there is much variation there.

          There is nothing worse than stale za'tar so make sure it's fresh and vibrant. With a good flatbread and some fruity olive oil... heaven.

          1. Akram's in Kensington Market

            1. I'd avoid supermarkets like Longo's or pricey spice boutiques since neither likely turn the stuff over fast enough to maintain fresh stock. Like all spices, it has a shelf life that's shortened somewhat in the case of za'atar since it contains sesame seeds. Any Lebanese or Middle Eastern grocer should carry it. Zara brand spices are usually quite good and are packaged locally. Their za'atar and sumac are fresh.

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                Should it be kept in the freezer then, if one is not using it up immediately?

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                  Fridged in an air-tight Mason jar works for me. If you're close to a regular supply, just buy a small package instead of the huge bags sold buy most Lebanese grocers.

              2. Yes? Hi! They always have all the Zatars seasoning at the spice place in the St.Lawrence Market where they sell lots of the mexicans spices (on the lower floor).

                1. Not in the area you are looking, however there is a new place on the south side of Lakeshore Blvd. near Twenty Seventh St. called Baba Ali (south Etobicoke area). I went in once and was told everything is made fresh in the morning including baked goods such as Za'atar. I had a different baked good and it was wonderful and fresh. They have a website, however as they are new, it is not running yet. The site is www.babaali.com, maybe it will be up soon.

                  Lakeshore Restaurant
                  2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

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                      oooops..lol. K, then what I was referring to is the mix put on a flatbread, not the mix itself. It's a Middle Eastern bakery and bbq. They had the flatbread with a few different varities of spice mix on top.
                      Sorry about my error above.