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The many uses of romesco

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On my day off yesterday i opened up the absolutely amazing the new spanish table and quickly cooked up both the scallops with pistachio vinnaigrette and the shrimp with romesco. we were so full i could just manage to bake the lemon bars, forget about the sopa de ajo, which i had originally planned on being the main.

Anyways, the romesco sauce, i made a ton. ive used it to spread on sandwiches and to eat with eggs. Any other creative uses for this delicious leftover?

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  1. - drizzle over grilled or steamed vegetables
    - stir into mashed potatoes
    - combine with some mayo, sour cream or yogurt and to dress for chicken, tuna or potato salad.

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    1. Add to mayo and use as a condiment for burgers and sandwiches.


      1. Serve it as a dressing on a mesclun salad (adding more oil to the romesco if you need to for the right consistency).