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Sep 3, 2009 01:11 PM

how to do make ahead pulled pork and need good homemade bbq sauce

Would it be ok to do pulled pork a day ahead and serve next day? I've searched the threads and found lots on pulled pork but not much on cooking now and serving later.

I got a 8 1/2 lb boston butt I want to either slow roast in oven or use slow cooker and prepare on Saturday to be served on Sunday for labor day party.

Which method would be better? From reading the threads I'm leaning towards using the slow cooker so it keeps the meat nice and juicy.

Also best way to reheat the pork, should I moisten with water or apple juice so it doesn't dry out. And finally I'd love ideas and recipes for a tasty homemade barbecue sauce and coleslaw.

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  1. The best way to heat it up is to put it in a bag and boil it; it doesn't dry out that way.

    What kind of sauce are you looking for? I always cook eastern North Carolina style, but that's not to everyone's taste.

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    1. re: Naco

      Naco, put in bag and boil it I assume you mean the next day after it's cooked and shredded? Or do you mean when I first cook the butt put it in a bag (eg roasting bag)

    2. 1/2 stick butter melted
      add 1 small onion diced, sautee a few minutes
      add: 1-1/3 C cider vinegar
      1-1/2 C ketjup
      1 C packed brown sugar
      1 tsp worcestershire
      1/4 tsp cayene
      bring to a boil, stir frequently
      lower heat and simmer for 30 minutes
      taste and add S and P

      1. When I've done pulled pork, I've slow-roasted it in the oven the day ahead. When it's tender and falling apart, I shred it and mix with defatted pan juices and a little BBQ sauce and transfer to my slow cooker and refrigerate. The next day, a few hours before serving, I turn on the slow cooker and heat it up. It turns out perfect and it's the easiest party food I know.

        I find that the oven does a beautiful job on pork shoulder. It's never dry and I don't add any liquid to the pan at all. Just a generous rub with a spice mix and into the oven it goes. Uncovered. Takes forever but very delicious.

        Sorry can't give you a good sauce recipe, though. I'm not a huge fan of overly sweet or overly tangy BBQ sauce so I tend to mix something up that's in-between. I'm sure someone else will give you plenty of help with this.

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        1. re: Nyleve

          Thx Jen and Nyleve for your posts. Nyleve your method sounds good, is the butt covered? And what temp do you use. I am going to make some regional sauces I've not tried before like the vinegar sauce and maybe a mustard sauce, on the side so everyone can top the pork to their own tastes.

          Myself growing up north of the border only was exposed to the sticky sweet bottled bbq sauces but want to expand my horizons to more authentic style sauces. Thx again for your replys and taking the time to post your recipe/methods.

          1. re: yesidid

            I don't cover the roast at all during the slow-roast. I usually - and this is against all the hard-core BBQ advice I've received - cut off the thick outer skin, leaving just a layer of fat on top of the meat. THEN I put on the BBQ rub. When I've left the skin on the meat, it's become quite tough and chewy and you have to remove it anyway. I feel that the spices penetrate better without the skin. But that's just me. Others will certainly disagree.

            In a hurry, I've doctored up bottled BBQ sauce by adding something vinegary to it in order to tone down the sweetness. But if I weren't in a hurry, I'd concoct something myself.

        2. Here's our homemade bbq sauce that we put on all kinds of meat. The kids even put it on pizza.

          1 Cup Ketchup
          1 Tablespoon Yellow Mustard
          6 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
          3 Tablespoons Distilled White Vinegar
          4 teaspoons Wrights or Colgin Hickory Flavor Liquid Smoke - optional
          1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
          1 Tablespoon Granulated White Sugar
          1 teaspoon Table Salt
          1/4 teaspoon Tabasco type Red Pepper Hot Sauce
          4 Tablespoons Butter
          3 Tablespoons Yellow Onion, finely minced

          Combine all ingredients in a 2-qt sauce pan. Mix well.
          Simmer over very low heat for 15-minutes, stirring occasionally.

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          1. re: Antilope

            thanks for this sauce recipe, I have a bottle of liquid smoke collecting dust in the pantry so I must just try this sauce of yours. If it's good enough to put on pizza it's definitely good enough for me!

          2. You might try this recipe:

            Don't worry about the smoker part, I'd just put it in the oven at the temperature stated. No need to cover.

            There is a recipe for the rub and the mop sauce (basically the BBQ sauce) there too, just scroll down.

            As for reheating, I like the slow cooker idea above

            Good luck!

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              That recipe gives some great info and I will do it in the oven because after eyeballing the size of my slow cooker and the big ol' butt, I don't think big ol' butt will fit in the slow cooker.

              I've been doing a much more extensive search on the boards here (this website is addictive) and I've been finding alot more info on pulled pork and after scrolling from the last page back of 65 and now at page 16, I've absorbed some good ideas for pulled pork, as well as well as absorbing some good merlot *ahem*

              I will cook in oven, reheat in slow cooker and beforehand I'm thinking of brushing a light coating of liquid smoke on the pork,(sacrilege to purists I know), then press on the rub, wrap up snug as a bug in plastic wrap for a day then into the oven.

              Once again, thanks chowhounds, as a newbie here I really appreciate the help.