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Sep 3, 2009 12:50 PM

Lobster Rolls - Southern Hudson River Valley

Any opportunity to get good fresh lobster rolls in this area?? We will be in the area this weekend.

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  1. honestly for the best ones in the area I feel you have to go to Pearl Oyster Bar or next choice Mermaid Inn (on a round brioche bun that is buttered and crispy) both in the city. Pearl is better and more traditional. the ones i've had in Westchester and Fairfield are never adequate to fulfill the craving.

    1. Nothing to write home about or go out of your way for :

      Armonk Lobster House in Armonk
      Ebb Tide in Port Chester.

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      1. re: pabboy

        Am thinking good, fresh lobster rolls away from the sea is an oxymoron.