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Sep 3, 2009 11:57 AM

Where to buy lobsters on Sunday?

I want to cook lobsters at home this SUnday - where is a good and thrifty place to buy them?

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  1. I buy mine in Chinatown, sometimes on Mott between Grand and Hester, sometimes on Grand and Chrystie. The last time I went, medium-sized lobsters were going for $7/lb and smalls were $8 apiece.

    1. Fairway Brooklyn has lobsters for $4.99/lb this week until sept 7th, I don't know if the UWS has the same deal though.

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        They are $9/lb this week on the UWS if I am not mistaken.

      2. it is $3.99/lb @Stew Leonards till Tuesday 9/8