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Sep 3, 2009 11:54 AM

Buying lobsters to cook on Sunday?

Looking for a place in Brooklyn or Manhattan to buy lobsters to cook this Sunday for dinner. Cheap is good.

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  1. Red Hook Lobster Pound

    or, lately the Blue Moon fishmonger at Greenmarket at Grand Army plaza has had them.

    1. youre picking the right time wholesale lobster prices have dropped dramatically theyre about 2.00 a pound now, so you should be paying about 6-8 a pound retail. we just had lobsters the other night, it was cheaper than having a steak dinner. with the shells we made paella with lobster stock next day... best left overs.

      1. Fairway has them until 9/7 for $4.99/lb. They say 3-4 lb. avg. Bring a saddle.

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        1. re: JonL

          wow... thats a damn good price...

          1. re: norah_j

            We have bought from (the above mentioned) Red Hook Lobster Pound and love their fresh Maine lobsters.

            1. re: FoodWine

              how is pricing? when is the best time to go?

              1. re: norah_j

                We bought from them in early June and in early July. We had ordered two pound lobsters, which were more expensive, about 10.50 per pound. Worth every dime.
                We have not bought any lobsters since then, but have had their lobster rolls at Brooklyn Flea. Too much butter for our tastes, but the lobsters are delicious. (This is totally a matter of taste: any butter is too much butter for my husband, and I'm getting there, too.)

                You can call them or email them to ask about current prices. See their web site for instructions.

                I think you have to place the order before 9 PM on Wednesday to get lobsters the same weekend. However, they have plenty of lobsters, so if you go there as a "walk-in" on Friday, they will surely have more than enough - and probably on Saturday, too.

          2. re: JonL

            The Asian markets in Flushing (at least the one on Main St. 1 block north of the LIE) have them for $3.99/lb (1.25) and $4.99 (1.5). Also live mantis shrimp (12.99/lb) and best of all, live gigantic spot prawns filled with roe....expensive (24.99/lb) but worth it....only a few are needed..the flavor is intense!

            1. re: JonL

              If anyone's wondering or worrying (I get pretty anxious about going and finding the tank empty) I'm just back from Fairway (Red Hook) where I would describe the lobster inventory as mountainous. Many is the number and Buick is the size. Meant to ask where they were from but forgot.

              1. re: JonL

                i am going to check out fairway in suffolk... i will report back...

                1. re: norah_j

                  I bought two lobsters from fairway-red hook this past sunday. They were $4.99/lb on sale. Smallest available was 3lb - we had about 6.75 lbs of lobster (shells included). According to the sign above the tank, the lobsters are from Canada. We simply steamed them and they were delicious - tender and sweet. I picked up two females which had a ton of roe - yum. I made a stock from the shells which is sitting in the freezer waiting for inspiration.

                  1. re: scratch

                    lobster stock is key... best use of leftovers imo. ppl have told me to also throw in some shrimp shells as well, but ive never done that...

                2. re: JonL

                  Large lobsters are from Canada. Maine has size limits..large lobsters, basically 3 lbs and up, are considered "breeders" and cannot be harvested.

              2. We went to Fairway early in the evening on Saturday and they only had 5 pounds and up! Bought one and cooked it this am. I have cooked a few of the three pounders this summer and they were terrific. Not sure if they will be replenishing the smaller stock.
                BTW- they were also selling the 1.5 pounders at the sale price yesterday.

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                  The Chowhound Team split a discussion of small lobsters vs. large ones, molting lobsters and how they affect flavor, etc.

                  Please follow here for that tangent

                  Thanks for keeping this discussion on topic for where to buy lobsters in NYC.