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Sep 3, 2009 11:17 AM

For a hot Summer day, dragging into Fall, Arcadia may be the place to be...

In Pasadena last weekend, my spouse and i decided to try Genki Living in Arcadia for their crepe ice creams. Wow, what a wonderland of summer treats.

In a moderate shopping center near the corner of Baldwin and Duarte we have Sin Bala, Bin Bin Konjac, both known for Taiwanese shave ice offerings. There is a Yogurtland, known for self serve frozen yogurts, both tart and plain. There is the ubiquitous Lollicup for various smoothie and tea drinks with boba. And there is Genki Living, known for their crepe offerings, especially ice cream. But they also have shave ice with ice made from condensed milk, cream, caramel and water. As a lover of the shave ice in Hawaii, I actually found Genki's shave ice decent, although the caramel seemed to not fit in. Mine came with chunks of mango and lychee jelly. Delicious. My mom had the strawberry.

San Francisco has a crepe ice cream place in Japantown called Sophies. The spouse had Genki's offering and we decided this was better, the crepe being thinner and more delicately made and did not interfere wth the flavor of the ice cream compared to Sophie's version, which did not have enough ice cream for our tastes.

The next time we hit Pasadena on a hot day, we may to to Bin Bin Konjac or Sin Bala instead. But what choices we have in one parking lot.

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  1. I second your recommendations.

    Got to love that brown sugar they use in the shaved ice at Sin Bala.

    1. Did you find the crepes to be a bit too stiff?

      I've always felt that their crepes needed to be softer.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        If you mean for ice cream, I rather like the stiffness (Sophie's was a bit too floppy to hold ice cream and fruit for our tastes). But for entrees it would be a problem. I have heard about the inconsistencies of Genki, mentioned by others in the undercooking of their okonomiyaki and takoyaki (I liked the takoyaki I had, though)

        Still I would go back.