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Sep 3, 2009 11:10 AM

CNE Ribfest

Just wondering if anyone has sampled the CNE's Ribfest vendors this year, and if they have any recommendations...


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  1. If only I could remember the vendor names I could tell you what to avoid.

    When I was there two weeks ago there were four vendors. The first vendor on the left was Gator. We didn't try anything from there. We had a pound of ribs from the second vendor to the left. They apparently won the CNE ribfest last year. Having tried the ribs, I don't think this says very much. The ribs were hard and drowned in a very sweet BBQ sauce.

    We then tried a pulled pork dinner from the next vendor over. I can't remember the name but it is Canadian. The pork tasted terrible, it had a grossly porky flavour and none of the nice smokiness of the pulled pork I have had at previous ribfests. It was also drowning in an even sweeter BBQ sauce.

    We didn't try anything from the last vendor (on the far right), who were called the Crazy Canucks or something similar. Assuming the vendors are the same (if someone posts the names I can confirm), the most I can say is you may want to avoid the middle two, unless you like your BBQ very sweet.

    1. I tried the pulled pork from the Crazy Canuks. Not terrible, but not great. Sauce was really bland - not smoky at all.

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        Historically the CNE ribfest is awful.... enough said.

      2. I went on Friday and there where only two vendors that I could see. so not much of a ribfest.. The US based one had a longer line so I got ribs from the pretty canadian girl.. Like was said above the ribs where sweet.. pretty much fall off the bone style.. seemed to get a lot ... ordered 1/3 rack and got 5 bones... Is that standard?

        The beans were not bad but the potatos tasted funny..

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          Walked around the back to get a peak. All major yuck, Skids of 00ox oz cans of no name beans at all four stalls, doctoring perhaps but whatever, Also saw skids of pre-peeled, chemical sprayed potatoes. I've been to many authentic Rib-fests in the South. This one is nonsense, if you are expecting the real thing.. You can get a not-bad plate of ribs or pulled pork, but don't expect anything special. lower your expectations, and you'll be fine.