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Sep 3, 2009 11:04 AM

Downtown Tallahassee without a car

Hi! I'll be in Downtown Tallhassee without a car for a few weekjdays, staying at the Doubletree Inn with business at the state capitol. I'm interested in most types of ethnic food--Cuban, Mexican, other Latin, Caribbean, Eastern European, Asian except for Japanese, Greek, Mideastern, Spanish--as well as good southern/BBQ/soul food that I can walk to. Also in a good breakfast place or bakery. Also anything else that is a good buy (except for sushi). If possible, include locations and hours. Thanks so much!

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  1. Wanda, Unfortunately without a car you're not going to find a whole lot downtown. Upscale within short walking distance for you are Andrews 228 and Urbane and a bit further Cyprus. Jasmines on College is more a sushi place than all around Asian. There isn't a bakery per se. Your hotel has a Starbucks. There's Sharkey's Coffee on College and a Hometwon Cafe near the museum. Several places in Kleiman Plaza. There's a new hotel, Aloft, that has an interesting bar. The Hotel Duval is suppose to have a Shula's Steakhouse and a bistro of some sort, but I don't kno if its open yet.

    Hoepfully one of the other Tally chowhounds more familiar with downtown can give other suggestions.

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      Crewsweeper is unfortunately absolutely right. Nothing much downtown. I work downtown and always leave for lunch. Best upscale would be Urbane and Cypress within easy walking distance. Po Boys on College Ave. has good sandwiches as does Andrews, but not much in way of the ethnic spots you might expect in the capital of the 4th largest state. Not much at all and we are the worse for it.

    2. We've had a couple of nice evenings at 101, or One-O-One...
      The food isn't stellar, but pretty good. We've only done small plates and drinks. Their happy hour deal is really a deal.... 50% off all drinks and 25% off food, and the prices are high to start with. DH and I had several small plates, beer and wine and the tab was $28. One night, I was craving bread and asked if they had some sort of bread basket. Our waiter said, "Sure, I can bring you some bread." He brought some really nice focaccia with both oil and butter to go with. We had several other small plates and drinks and they didn't charge us for the bread. I don't know what it's like now that the students are back, but during the summer, it was a friendly place that would be good for a solo diner. If the weather cools a bit, their outside space is really nice.

      Jasmine is mostly a sushi place, but I've had some decent non-sushi food there.

      I really like Urbane, too. You can spend a little or a lot there... They have a bar menu of small plates and snacks, though I don't see it on their website. Their shrimp/scallops/grits plate (on the regular menu) is great.

      1. Well, maybe I can look into some public transportation, or walk further than you expect. Aren't there less expensive ethnic places near the colleges? Are they fairly close to downtown? One place I found mention of is Carlos' Cuban Cafe, seemed to be downtown. Is that still in business? Thanks

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          Carlos's closed within the past 6 weeks. sorry....

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            Buses don't run everywhere and there's often a long wait between. However, if you're inclined you can go tot he Metro Center and catch a #1 bus that goes up Monroe Street toward the Tallahassee Mall. A short bus distance down the Monroe (but a bit too far to walk in the heat) between 5th Street and Lake Ella There are a number of places with good food. Bella Bella(just a 1/2 block west of Monroe on 5th) , Tapas in Mid Town Manor (a block or so East on Fifth then right on Thomasville--also other eateries there), Masa's in the strip mall around 3rd has good upscale Asian Food. enjoy your stay in Tallytown and let us know where you went and what you thought.

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              Sorry I did not get to Tallahassee till earlier this year and just had a chance to post, but I did want to get back to you per request. I arrived in downtown Tallahassee fairly late in the day and had dinner near by hotel at Harry's Seafood. I had shrimp n grits that, if not as gourmet as the very best I've had (in Charleston) was still quite good and reasonably priced; restaurant also had nice service. Next day I had lunch at a place called Po' Boys, trying the gator poor boy--it was delicious! I really liked this place. I then decided I wanted BBQ and had the hotel shuttle take me up to the college, where I went to a place I'm afraid I thought one of the worst BBQ places I've been to, pulled pork dry, boring sauce . . . but I'm sorry I've forgotten the name. It was catty corner from a bookstore that sold textbooks, and next door to an ice cream place. I left over most of the BBQ and went in next door and had ice cream! But other than the BBQ, I liked the food I had in Tallahassee, although I must sayTallahassee itself was pretty boring compared to virtually every other place I've visited in FL.

          2. Catch a cab to Kool Beanz, a very short ride from downtown, on Thomasville Road. It has all kinds of food, well prepared and moderately priced. Google them for a sample menu.

            1. For Asian I suggest China Delight - which is on Tennessee Street across from the Star Metro Station. Next door to China Delight is a taco truck that has a limited but authentic menu. You will also find on Kleiman Plaza a vegan vender and there was once a Caribbean vender there as well - not sure about it now. Stay far, far away from that Cajan seafood place on the plaza though. If you have not figured it by now Tallahassee lacks a diverse dining scene. Kool Beanz is great and there are some places just up the road on Thomasville at Midtown Manor. The best bakery in town is up near the Tallahassee Mall - The Cake Shop. But it is too far to walk from downtown. Good luck and tell us what you like!