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Sep 3, 2009 10:41 AM

Heading to NYC from EWR for Sunday Italian Dinner

Will be heading to dinner with a colleague next Sunday. Italian is first choice. Will be in a cab via the tunnel so I'm thinking West Village, Tribeca or that area? Looked up reviews here of Aurora, Pepolino (upstairs), Scalini Fedela and Scarpetta. Seeking killer pastas and a great room. Last time I stayed in NYC did Convivo in Tudor City and loved it, if that's a barometer for my tastes. Don't mind spending $$ but just not over the top. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Convivio is my favorite, but Scarpetta and Pepolino both have very appealing food, with different atmospheres. While Scarpetta feels more sophisticated and slick, Pepolino is very homey. Both have excellent service, and I highly recommend either. Choose depending on which menu appeals to you most. Another possibility is Locanda Verde, which is trendy and also has superb food. All of these have websites with menus, and although Scarpetta does not list prices, it is in the same range as the others.

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      Thanks. Pepolino may suit us best. Friend also recommended Morandi. Will try and report afterward.

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        Pepolino was great. Sunday night so not very busy in Tribeca, but beautiful weather and and a sidewalk table added to the experience. Had the "ethereal" gnocchi and split a salad, excellently dressed. I had pappardelle with wild boar which was very flavorful and hearty. My colleague had the faro (their version of risotto) which was creamy, perfectly seasoned. Wine list was very reasonable for NYC with many Italian varietals---a bonus. Passed on dessert. Overall, a charming experience with great food. I will return.

    2. There's also Il Mulino (where Obama and Clinton just ate!!).