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Sep 3, 2009 10:38 AM

Casual Boston - good restaurants or bars to catch up

Hi, I will be in Boston on Sept 11 -13th to attend a wedding and will be meeting up with some folks i haven't seen in quite awhile. I know we will want to spend a lot of time catching up, preferably over a casual dinner and drinks. Does anyone know of a place (bar or restaurant or both) that would fit the bill? My friends are semi vegetarians (they kind of go off and on so it is hard for me to know) so someplace that specializes in beef is probably a no go.

We will be staying at the Doubletree hotel at 821 Washington Street 02111 and do not have a car, though are happy to use public transportation or a cab to get around. In the past, I have enjoyed the Summer Shack.


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  1. how many people? price point? lunch? dinner?

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      About 4 people. Lunch and dinner. Price point entrees below 25.00 a piece

    2. so, by catching up, i'm guessing you mean a kind of quiet spot that won't rush you to turn the table? your hotel is very close to the theater district, so you may want to factor that time-sensitive crowd when picking your dining times. you may also want to tell whomever seats you that you plan to "take your time", so they're not itching to get back your table.

      you're walking distance to rocca on harrison ave. and could share a bunch of small plates. they also have a nice patio and the wines are reasonably priced.

      da vinci and erbaluce, also in south end (bay village) are not "cheap" but the food is terrific at both and you can certainly do pastas for less money.

      or maybe go someplace in chinatown for very short money and then linger over a scotch at the bristol lounge.

      you're also close to a legal seafoods and a mccormick & schmick's. neither is awesome, but they are both very large and serve all day.

      masa and davio's both do very good brunches.

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      1. re: hotoynoodle

        Thanks for the recs. We do tend to linger when we get together so a place that needs to turn the tables is probably not the right fit for this weekend. We will pay attention to timing as well.

      2. Some of my favorite casual places downtown for dinner and drinks include Silvertone, Cafe Marliave and Kingston Station. The food is always spot on at each of these places. Silvertone can be a little loud but its got really great food. Plus the prices are in your range and they are all accessible by T.

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          i love silvertone too, but they do 5 or 6 turns on a weekend night. it's no place for a quiet leisurely meal, sorry. maybe at 3:00 in the afternoon, lol. and they are closed on sundays.

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            It definitely gets loud but my most recent meal there was about a month ago and I was catching up with an old classmate of mine. We had dinner and lingered on a Friday night and they were quite pleasant about it. I do find that they try to turn tables quickly during weekday lunchtimes....

        2. Ivy is good for this. Small plates and all wine is under $25. I've never felt rushed when eating here, not even on a weekend night.

          Max & Dylan's on West St. is also a good place to linger. I've only ever had apps there, but they have an entire menu of sliders. The Kobe beef ones are great.

          The service at Max & Dylan's was enthusiastic but not great...our waitress was kind of dumb and my dining companion ended up having to open our bottle of wine because she couldn't manage the corkscrew. But she did leave us to our conversation and didn't make us feel rushed.

          That said, it's cozy and quiet, and the food is good and in your price range.

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            thanks, actually a co-worker's sister who lives in Boston also recommended Ivy.