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Sep 3, 2009 10:34 AM

Looking for Green/Blue Chicken Eggs

Does anyone know where I can go to buy green or blue (Araucana?) chicken eggs? I know there is Hector's Honey in Fulton but that's a little far north for me (I live on the Peninsula.) Is there anywhere else (farm, store, etc) which sells these colorful eggs? I'd prefer to go to a farm or store instead of a farmer's market (it can be hard to get to a farmer's market early enough before they sell out)

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  1. This might be far for you too, but Riverdog Farm often has them at the Berkeley Farmer's Market.

    1. You might check with the three stores on the Peninsula that sell Marin Sun Farms' stuff:

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Unfortunately the only places on the peninsula which carry Marin Sun Farms' stuff only carry the meat, not eggs.

        1. re: peachblossom

          They don't have someone else's eggs either?

          1. re: peachblossom

            Bianchini's on Alpine Road has Marin Sun Farms' eggs on a little table just outside the egg case. They are amazing!

            1. re: Blythe Latta

              Terrific! I called and found out that the Bianchini's in Portola Valley (Alpine Road) has the Marin Sun Farms eggs but not the one in San Carlos

              1. re: peachblossom

                While I love MSF eggs, they won't ALL be blue/green. They will all be delicious though.
                The only place I've found a dozen Americauna eggs for sale (all blue) was a farmers market. Most recently in Sonoma for $4 a dozen. I scooped those babies up!

        2. One of the vendors at the Civic Center (Heart of the City) market on Wednesdays has these. I believe it's called Phan Farm--on the South side of the row, just West of the Muni escalators.

          They still have plenty at 12 or 12:30 when I get there.