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Sep 3, 2009 10:29 AM

Been to Daisy May's recently?

If so, how has it been lately? Thanks!

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  1. No but I am dying to try their Oklahoma Beef Rib. And I have heard from a very dependable friend that Daisy May's is great.

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    1. went there a couple months ago when i was in the neighborhood. got the pulled pork platter. it was good, not great.

      1. Finally went with a bunch of friends and ordered the "Tasting Menu" to share.

        The Kansas City sweet and sticky pork ribs were good. Nicely marbled, good flavor, but not the best I've ever had. The Memphis dry rub pork ribs were a notch better but definitely a bit salty on the outside due to the dry rub. The Oklahoma jumbo beef rib was insanely large -- the few pieces I got seemed to be PURE fat. I like fat but this was overwhelming and I felt a bit queasy afterwards. I couldn't eat more than 2 pieces. The beer can style chicken was a little dry and didn't really stand up to the flavors of the other pieces of meat on the table. The pork ribs were probably the best thing on the table.

        The Texas chopped brisket was tasty but I don't think I like that they pre-chop it for you. It kind of takes away from the texture (I think this style is the only offered as a sandwich on the regular menu which makes sense -- it needed some bread). I would rather have tried sliced but not chopped brisket. Plus, I felt it was a little oversauced, as well. Ditto for the Carolina pulled pork -- way too sweet and oversauced. I couldn't finish more than a few bites.

        The sides were fine. I think I prefer Blue Smoke or Hill Country's sides. The corn bread was fine. I really liked the baked beans and macaroni and cheese. The spicy cornbread was not bad. Wished it was a bit spicier but overall, I couldn't complain. In fact, we polished off all the mac and cheese on the table. (I didn't try the collard greens.) And their sweet iced tea in a mason jar with some mint leaves to drink? Delicious!

        Next time, I think my ideal meal would be pork ribs, mac and cheese, a piece of cornbread, and a jar of sweet iced tea.

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          We went to Daisy May's twice within the past couple of months. The rub on the Memphis ribs was too dry and so insanely salty that the ribs were almost inedbile. The Kansas City ribs were much better. The pulled pork was delicious. Altogether, we tried six sides. The sweet potatoes were the best, closely followed by the mac & cheese. Rice, cole slaw, and corn with cheddar were all o.k. Unfortunately, our cup of baked beans was practically cold.

          And speaking of cold, extra bbq sauce is available upon request; however, it comes straight out of the fridge. Ice cold sauce on warm ribs? Ridiculous!

          Links to photos:

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            I think I prefer the vinegary NC style of pulled pork, whereas I believe Daisy May's is more SC style.

            The ice cold sauce is indeed ridiculous.

            1. re: RGR

              I had been a very big fan of their dry ribs (favorite ribs in the city after trying Dinosaur's, Hill Country, Rub, Blue Smoke, Virgil's, etc.) but I definitely did not like them half as much the last time I went last spring. I couldn't quite pinpoint exactly what it was that turned me off but I'm guessing your summary covers the issues well.

              i completely agree with you about the disappointing, cold BBQ sauce. Love that sauce and always ask for it but too very cold. Bleh.

              1. re: nativeNYer

                As I said in my post below, I think Daisy May's ribs have gone downhill. Haven't tried Dinosaur, but I think the ribs at Hill Country and Virgil's suck; RUB was wildly inconsistent the two times we've been there (first time, good; next time, not); and at Blue Smoke, they're just o.k. (I'd rather have the excellent burger).

                So, at this point, I'm pretty much done with having bbq in Manhattan and will be sticking with Big Ed's, a bbq place near our house in NJ, where the ribs are consistently delicious, the sides are not too shabby either, and the meal always starts with some of the most addictive garlic rolls on the planet.

                1. re: RGR

                  Agreed. Guess I'll be driving to NJ in the very near future. I'm salivating.
                  I'm googling the place now. Thnx.

                  1. re: RGR

                    Big Ed's is great. Also try the apple fritters if you have not. Awesome.

            2. As a Southern Boy, I can honestly say that Daisy May's sucks. They can't even do sweet tea right. A low end chain like Sonny's or Woody's makes better BBQ than Daisy May's.

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              1. re: watsurf

                We've been to Sonny's (in GA) a couple of times. The ribs were delicious and definitely superior to those now being served at Daisy May's. We first went to Daily May's several years ago. Just that one time and had not been back until the current two visits. Originally, I came away impressed. But now, there is a difference, and I think the ribs have gone downhill. I've read that the owner, Adam Perry Lang, is busy with some new project (in England, I think), which leads me to believe he isn't minding the store as he should be.

                1. re: RGR

                  I implore all of you to try the bowl o' red chili at Daisy May's. It justifies everything else.

              2. I went to Daisy May's the first time a long time ago and I thought they had the best ribs in the city. Now I live just half a block from them so I order frequently. However, I do agree with RGR that they've gone downhill since. The ribs aren't as succulent as they used to be. In fact, one time, the sauce was gummy and left a bad taste in my mouth. Since then, I've just slowly stopped ordering from them.

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                1. re: tastyeating

                  As a pork fan, i love their ribs, it's delicious. The side dishes are good but not great. Anyway, it's worth to try... if you like pork.