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Sep 3, 2009 10:02 AM

Chowhound Milestone: 5 Million Posts!

There are a couple of amazing milestones for Chowhound this week:

5 Million Posts!
400 weeks of Chowhound Digest, the weekly summaries of the best of Chowhound!

It's been a long, fun, chowish road to this day, and we hope everyone will join us in celebrating. Post below to tell us which of those 5 million posts was your favorite; tell us what the most useful tip you've received from Chowhound was, whether it was an awesome restaurant you'd never have known about or a great technique for the kitchen; check out a new restaurant you've been meaning to try and report back on your local board.

Most importantly, whether you're an old hat who remembers when everything was in plain text on a grey background and Digest was called ChowNews or a brand new member just looking for your first great chowtip: eat something delicious.

-- Jacquilynne, Community Manager for Chowhound

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  1. Well, I'm not an "old hat" that remembers the beginnings, but in the past couple years I have really enjoyed my time on chowhound. I don't really have a favorite post, but I did enjoy the threads about how you got your user name, and the one about your avatars.

    I have ordered dishes in restaurants, on the advice of local CH's, that I never would have, and been grateful for the delicious advice. Learned some great cooking techniques that I had no idea about, or just was not sure how to do them, and the recipes! I have so many in my favorites! Not only Chow recipes, but member recipes.

    This is a great place to post a question about unknown cuisines, dishes, and ingredients. I also got a great deal of help and advice when we were preparing for the hurricane, on storm supplies and what kind of food to stock. Most everyone on here is very friendly and helpful and I am glad to be part of it.

    Congratulations Chowhound! (Clapping hands) May you last many more years.


    1. Favorite thread: hands-down, the Malko's thread.

      I discovered CH when I moved to Toronto and it has been an inextricable part of my experience here. Thanks CH, and all of its members, for making it even more fun to play with my food.

      1. Wow! That many posts AFTER my deleted ones?
        I like the rude guy thread, and the rattlesnake one, also.

        1. Well... I never would have found a fabulous Chinese restaurant in a town next to me if it were not for the Boston Board. Never would have known about the Community Supported Fishery program in my area. Never known what a cuy was or how to cook it. Never known what to do with leftover whey. Never would have laughed till I cried over the writings of Dr. Sam and Veggo and the other wags who post on this site. Never would have given a second thought to many other eye opening discussions about where we came from - where we're going and why we eat the way we do if it were not for Chowhound. Truly.

          Congratulations Chowhound. Thanks for keeping me current.

          1. Congratulations!

            I came for the restaurant reviews but I wound up hooked on the Home Cooking & CHOW recipe sections. A living, breathy library of cooks, sharing their tried & true recipes-doesn't get much better than that. In the time it would take me to shop for a new cookbook (who can decide) or research an unfamiliar ingredient, CH's in record time offer generous assistance.