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Chowhound Milestone: 5 Million Posts!

There are a couple of amazing milestones for Chowhound this week:

5 Million Posts!
400 weeks of Chowhound Digest, the weekly summaries of the best of Chowhound!

It's been a long, fun, chowish road to this day, and we hope everyone will join us in celebrating. Post below to tell us which of those 5 million posts was your favorite; tell us what the most useful tip you've received from Chowhound was, whether it was an awesome restaurant you'd never have known about or a great technique for the kitchen; check out a new restaurant you've been meaning to try and report back on your local board.

Most importantly, whether you're an old hat who remembers when everything was in plain text on a grey background and Digest was called ChowNews or a brand new member just looking for your first great chowtip: eat something delicious.

-- Jacquilynne, Community Manager for Chowhound

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  1. Well, I'm not an "old hat" that remembers the beginnings, but in the past couple years I have really enjoyed my time on chowhound. I don't really have a favorite post, but I did enjoy the threads about how you got your user name, and the one about your avatars.

    I have ordered dishes in restaurants, on the advice of local CH's, that I never would have, and been grateful for the delicious advice. Learned some great cooking techniques that I had no idea about, or just was not sure how to do them, and the recipes! I have so many in my favorites! Not only Chow recipes, but member recipes.

    This is a great place to post a question about unknown cuisines, dishes, and ingredients. I also got a great deal of help and advice when we were preparing for the hurricane, on storm supplies and what kind of food to stock. Most everyone on here is very friendly and helpful and I am glad to be part of it.

    Congratulations Chowhound! (Clapping hands) May you last many more years.


    1. Favorite thread: hands-down, the Malko's thread.

      I discovered CH when I moved to Toronto and it has been an inextricable part of my experience here. Thanks CH, and all of its members, for making it even more fun to play with my food.

      1. Wow! That many posts AFTER my deleted ones?
        I like the rude guy thread, and the rattlesnake one, also.

        1. Well... I never would have found a fabulous Chinese restaurant in a town next to me if it were not for the Boston Board. Never would have known about the Community Supported Fishery program in my area. Never known what a cuy was or how to cook it. Never known what to do with leftover whey. Never would have laughed till I cried over the writings of Dr. Sam and Veggo and the other wags who post on this site. Never would have given a second thought to many other eye opening discussions about where we came from - where we're going and why we eat the way we do if it were not for Chowhound. Truly.

          Congratulations Chowhound. Thanks for keeping me current.

          1. Congratulations!

            I came for the restaurant reviews but I wound up hooked on the Home Cooking & CHOW recipe sections. A living, breathy library of cooks, sharing their tried & true recipes-doesn't get much better than that. In the time it would take me to shop for a new cookbook (who can decide) or research an unfamiliar ingredient, CH's in record time offer generous assistance.

            1. 5 MILLION posts! That's amazing. I've been reading and posting on Chowhound since the old "blue and purple text" days and it's become such an important resource for me. I love all the different personalities on the boards (even the ones that irritate the hell out of me -- I suppose they provide a certain amount of amusement). Through the local chowmeets, I've met several people I now consider friends. It's been a great experience all around -- deleted posts and all.

              I think my favorite thread is the "Silly eating habits" thread. It's over a year old at this point and still going strong. I must admit to feeling a bit of spectatoritis reading those posts -- I never realized how many, um..."interesting" personalities we have posting on these boards.

              Anyway, thanks, Chowhound, for a decade of good food and camaraderie!

              1. My favorite threads are the ones that tend to get deleted - come back, people who want to be comped for no reason, I miss you! and all the outrage you inspire.

                I am extremely grateful to the posters who advised me during my various cooking quests. Without them, I would still be paying a premium for my Szechuan mung bean noodles, instead of saving beaucoup bucks by throwing together this deceptively easy dish in my very own kitchen.

                1. Congratulations. Here's wishing you 5 million more.

                  What WAS the 5 millionth? Food or not about food? Digest material or deleted?

                  Thanks to all the great tips by all the entertaining and informative Chow Digest writers. No matter how closely I follow the boards, they always find some delicious tip that I didn't catch while usually making me chuckle

                  Thanks just for the idea of ChowNews. It so defines what Chowhound is about to me ... that regular people know good food too ... great food.

                  My most useful tip is one people wrongly attribute to me. It was keeping berries fresh in glass jars.

                  That tip saved me beaucoup bucks. It was originally posted not by a regular, but one of the thousands of posters who visit the site for a while and then disappear. And it is usually there, in the casual one line tips, be it about restaurants, cooking or whatever, where I've gotten some of the tastiest ideas.

                  As another poster wrote, the best posts are the ones that lead to the best chow

                  So thanks to all of you who expanded my food world so much. It is unlikely that I would have tried food I could not imagine existed ... and then being able to come back and ask ... :"What was that I ate?" ... and getting an informative answer

                  Thanks for virtually including me in all aspects of your food lives ,,, births, death, weddings, holidays.

                  I guess that is why I love this post so much

                  Mom Mom's Red Velvet Cake/Butter Cream Icing

                  Not only is it a great recipe and I learned the finer points of red velvet cake but it has such a human, personal touch to it that defines Chowhound to me.

                  Food is so uniting. Despite our differences we are all so very alike.

                  Thanks to all the hard work by the moderators over the years for keeping the site civil. (Thanks to Frank the moderator for taking the time for an explanation I never would have guessed. In my usual huff, I forgot to thank you)

                  Thanks to Chow and CBS for keeping this site alive and not trying to really change the Chowhound boards or the dynamic that attracts millions of people here.

                  And mostly thank you Jim Leff, though you have left the building, without your dedication and direction this informative, fun, irreverant, delicious, zany cyberplace would never have existed.

                  My delicious (and healthy) salute to Chowhound will be eating some amazing herloom tomatoes for lunch (already posted about those) . ... and for good measure, I'll raise a glass of excellent draft beer tonight to salute Bob Okumura ... and if it's really good, I'll post about it.

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                  1. re: rworange

                    Happy 5 millionth, CH! It's been fun to get involved on a couple of boards, and to roam around on others. It amazes me how few nasty or unwelcoming posts I've come across -- a tribute to the posters' understanding of what CH is here for, what? Although I find most of the posts I read helpful in some way, I most appreciate the ones that take food seriously but have a bit of a sense of humour about it. I've learned not to read Chowhound with any liquid in my mouth :-).

                    1. re: grayelf

                      yea! Who was the 5 millionth? I think they should get a cozy dinner for two somewhere nice. Say it was me! I think I personally posted 1 million.

                      1. re: DallasDude

                        The actual post with number 5,000,000 is this one: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5498... which is kind of ironic, really, but at least s/he's mended ways since college ;)

                        Whether that's precisely the five millionth post on the site is actually a little sketchier, since there were early posts lost (including times when we simply wiped out the Not About Food board entirely, and deliberately), deleted posts from the old software that never made it to the new software, deleted posts from the new software that nonetheless have post numbers, etc. But all in all, we decided that post #5000000 was the closest we were going to get to an actual accurate count, so we'd go with that!

                      2. re: grayelf

                        > It amazes me how few nasty or unwelcoming posts I've come across -- a tribute to the posters' understanding of what CH is here for, what?

                        A tribute, too, to the moderators. Also known as the nazi censors, especially to those given to writing nasty and unwelcoming posts.

                        1. re: squid kun

                          Good point, squid -- I like the level and style of moderation here, and I should have tipped my hat to the mods as well -- anyone know how to do a hat-tipping emoticon? :-).

                          1. re: grayelf

                            I am suprised by any angry posts altogether. After all, arent we just discussing lunch?

                    2. I just remembered my all-time favorite post. It was from a mom with a little girl who had a plastic frog stuck in her hair in the bathtub. I imagined the mom running out of the bathroom to her computer, posting an urgent request for help -- of course it was deleted, as it should have been. But I find myself wondering about that mom and little girl.

                      (Does anyone know if you can catch swine flu from someone has been exposed but doesn't show symptoms? Carpool issue. )

                      I love Chowhound.

                      1. I found Chowhound shortly after I got my first computer in 2001, and I'd have to say the posts immediately following the events on 9/11( which had nothing to do with food) have to be one of my favorites. Hooked me on the internet in general.

                        1. I hadn't been particularly motivated to post to this thread until today, 9/11, and remembering where I was 8 years ago. Like "coll" I think that the chowhound community's response was this site's finest hour. Many of the threads disappeared during the software conversion, but this one lives on and I hope it will stay put.

                          DC hounds, how are you--check in!

                          The community here is what makes Chowhound different from anonymous restaurant rating systems.

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                          1. re: Melanie Wong

                            Thanks for linking to this thread, Melanie. Of course it's not Chow related (except for Pam Hess' lobster tip, bless her!) but it goes to show that sometimes it's about more than the food.

                            1. re: grayelf

                              It looks like the New York one is gone, but that was a really long one, and in real time. Wish I could read it again, now that time has passed.......

                              1. re: coll

                                I would love to see it again, too, and I've thought of it many times. I had moved the week before to a new Manhattan apartment, and didn't have internet service set up at home yet; it was a couple of days after that I got online, and I was so touched by the thread and by the emails from hounds I'd gotten, checking to see if I was alright. A real community coming together, and also rallying around small restaurants that needed us to keep going out and enjoying their food.

                                1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                                  It was, alas, slightly less warm/fuzzy on the management side. I had to really soul search about breaking our topical (i.e. "food only") discipline. Over the years, lots of our users had tried to do likewise during situations they deemed extraordinarily important. We had a blanket policy of denying them, and sticking closely to topic through thick and thin.

                                  I decided 9/11 was of an entirely different category...plus the site was dead for a few days anyway, as few people wanted to talk about food. But I knew the decision would come back to haunt me (everything you do in running a large community, online or not, establishes some sort of precedent which can and will be pointed to later), and it did, when we had to make tough decisions e.g. with the New Orleans board re: Katrina.

                                  For the last few years I've relaxed quite gleefully into a lack of "where do you draw the line?" dilemmas!

                                  The other problem with the 9/11 aftermath was this: http://www.foodandwine.com/articles/a...

                                  1. re: Jim Leff

                                    Yikes. That sounds like it got really ugly. It makes the "no politics" rule here make a LOT more sense.

                                    1. re: Chris VR

                                      Now that I know what happened (I remember Hurricane Katrina, lots of angry posts) I completely understand. Oh well.

                                      1. re: coll

                                        I knew about the NY furor, and I didn't understand the decisions in Katrina. I still don't.

                                        And further discussion back and forth doesn't change the past and like every hot topic on this board no impassioned discussion will change anyone's mind.

                                        I guess the reason that I'm posting ... and I really thought about it ... is for future consideration.

                                        There are events so grand, so beyond the norm, that in a community-based site like this, IMO, the rules need to be suspended briefly.

                                        I think the 9/11 posts ... especially the deleted post referenced in the link above ... were Chowhound's finest hour.

                                        I don't mean that every emergency or storm requires a slight suspension. There is the alphabet soup of hurricanes and storms that happen year after year that few of us recall unless we were directly involved.

                                        However, Katrina was not only something different, like 9/11 it was a defining moment in this nation. There are few of us that do not remember Katrina.

                                        And there were some admirable things that this site can do well within the guidlines that did happen such as encouraging Chowhounds to visit NO and throw some business to the restaurants to help out.

                                        I just think that it wouldn't hurt in those situations to allow a thread to check the well being of Chowhounds involved in a mega-disaster is something that should be considered in the future.

                                        All traffic could be directed there. And after a few weeks or months, it can be quietly deleted since no one will notice.

                                        The lesson of 9/11 should not have been what not to do in the future, but what should be done, however inconvenient it is at the time.

                                        I'm glad that currently, there is some latitude allowing mentioning on Site Talk when very prolific posters die. That once wasn't allowed.

                                        We are a community and that is one of the things that elevates Chowhound above other sites. We welcome and rejoice in the new people who stop by for a while and share a dish with us. We mourn those who we've come to know as friends, no matter how virtually.

                                        And when something epic happens, it would just be nice to check where the community is before moving on and resuming business as usual.

                              2. re: grayelf

                                Today on the anniversary of 9/11, I looked back at that DC thread and also found some of the ones that still remain on the Manhattan board. I thought I'd add them here for the community to reflect on together in remembrance once again.

                                Windows on the World

                                just a suggestion

                                Please visit NYC!

                                DC hounds, how are you--check in!

                                And a photo of Old Glory flying at half-mast this afternoon at Cellar 8 (former Italian Swiss Colony winery) in Asti, CA near my home where I first heard the news 10 years ago.

                                1. re: Melanie Wong

                                  Thanks for that, maybe someday the long threads will reappear. But I'm happy with these for now. Sad memories.