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Sep 3, 2009 09:53 AM

DC Dining Recs Near Hyatt on Jersey Ave?

I'm going to be in DC this coming weekend for 4 nights. Looking for some dining recs near the Hyatt on Jersey Avenue for dinner specifically since we'll be out and around during the daytime. Nothing extra fancy as we've decided not to pack any of our dress up clothing for this trip, but we'd also not want to resort to eating in fast food places, you know.

We already have one night set, Saturday, when we're going to a jazz club to see a musician and they do serve dinner as well.

Preferably nothing ethnic this time around, we can get plenty of that at home.


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  1. There are several choices, but you shouldn't limit yourself to right near the hotel as there is easy access to the METRO from the Hyatt (about two blocks in either direction to Judiciary Square station or at Union Station) and you can easily get to Cleveland Park or even around the Verizon Center/Chinatown (Gallery Place station) or Dupont Circle.

    Near your hotel are Bistro Bis (upscale bistro), Johnny's Half Shell (seafood), Art and Soul, The Dubliner (Irish pub) and a little further away (but an easy cab ride) Charlie Palmer Steaks, The Source, 701, Central, PS 7s, Rasika, and a host of others..

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      I second the recommendations for Bistro Bis, Art and Soul, Charlie Palmer Steak, and Central. All solid choices.

      Also, great suggestion, dinwiddie re: metro red line and other possibilities.

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        I would second this, but also say that it's a pretty easy walk to places like Jaleo, Oyamel, Sei. Not much farther to places like Sonoma, Good Stuff Eatery. WaPo just had a writeup on the new Toscana Cafe, but haven't heard much.

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          Wonderful amount of choices! Can't wait to look them all up!